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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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While I woke up in early dawns
It’s my companion to start the day
Like sun of rays hits in my vibes
Enigmatic aroma brews to lit up the soul
It infuses energy to dare the iniquitous
Fills in vigor to look forward the conquest

A Cup of Mocha is my best comrade
While I clutch in my fingers tight
During the plains of high and low
When some stood by my side
 Some bared their true colors left me forlorn
Moment when my solitary was shining bright
It helped my emotions to freely flow

In the secluded deep evenings intense again
While I sip sinking in jiffy of disdains
It held its loyalty while I encountered adverse
With each sip an assurance transpire in veins
It gave me strength to endure faith
These days will also pass over indeed
If truth is to be told change is what doesn’t sustain

It joined me as buddies met to connect
Nostalgia occurred to curb the unrest
As we come together to confess
Our sweet and sour experiences
From all walks of life under the sun
My cup of mocha is my partner of crimes
It stood tall with me in days of jubilation

While I pen down this creation
It is my partner in midnight innovations
When I have MY cup of mocha in hand
I am slipped deep into the special moments
This creation is dedicated as a token of appreciation
I often lack the beautiful art of expression
Because as a person I feel lot of hesitation

My moments of Innocent Attempts


Samrat said...

hi mani, i disagree with you when you say-''I often lack the beautiful art of expression''; you do not lack it, friend. on the contrary, you have been blessed with the gift of expression by the deity. you have given yet another wonderful poem. i have deep regard and respect for you. but i am extremely saddened to know that you have deleted me from your buddy list in bloggers.

Simran said...

Awwww :) you rocks mani .. I loved it!

Abhisek said...

Awesome creation Manisha or should I call Mani. :)
You are really creative and I think your cup of mocha takes that creativity to a different level.Nice read...enjoyed. :D

JIM said...

YOu do not lack any creativity and this is proof. I just love your writing style!!!


Mani said...

Dear Samrat...

M extremely thnkful to u guys...its coz f ur support n love tht i continue to write....n wen did i deleted u ..i didnt trust me. Will chk d bloggers...Cheer up! Lotssa love:)

Mani said...

Sim baby...<3..<3..Thanks!

Mani said...

Abhi..thx...:D...Mani sounds better..thts how friends call me...;)

Mani said...

Jim thxx yaa....my writing gets low infornt f ur photogrqphy...love...god bless!!

melissa said...

It's time to get another cup Mani and try out something new that'll make you freer to reach that height of art expression ;)...

Start appreciating yourself :)

Kalyan said...

lovely lines...nicely crafted words!

Mani said...

Mely thx soo much...it shall indeed!

<3 <3 god bless u!! Besos!

Mani said...

Kalyan thx soo much...:)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Wow..what a way to describe about Coffee...good write...Happy blogging :)

Mani said...

Valli thx soo much fr being there...Ya be it coffee, my lappy or nythin m this attached to them...they deserve applaud..:)

nikhil..walking all alone said...

loved it!!!!! so ur a coffee freak haan!!!..after reading this all i can ask u is for a cup of coffee with me..;) ..:)

Mani said...

Hahahha..naa naa actually m ginger tea freak bt love latte so my cup f mocha....oohoo thanks soo much...:)

nikhil..walking all alone said...

ur welcome..:) ..:)

Tameka said...

I'm a tea gal myself, but I can appreciate a cup of java every now and again. Nice ode to the mug of joe... Now, those last two lines touched me. Why do you believe this to be so? Every time you sit down to write you release bits of yourself. It's flowing into something nice. Keep at it and your beauty will continue to spill on the page. Don't hold back. ;-)


Mani said...

Tam m extremely glad fr those kind n beautiful words staright frm d heart.

Lots f love Tam....I shall definetely not stop!

God Bless U!!!

Tameka said...

God bless you too!

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