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Return My Days of Innocence

Extremely drained out from the hectic week, as I was out from a crucial meeting, I was a little more confident and drenched with the sense of satisfaction and achievement. Yes, without any iota of doubt you feel contended at the end of the day which no amount of money can provide, because before anyone else you need to answer yourself about your actions and achievements. This was my profession but not my true calling since I discovered the real love of writing, as this gives me immense happiness at any point of time and any point of day. In my boring and meaningless meetings, where I usually speak only if there is a dire need to speak or time to take a stand, I am sometimes amazed at myself that I am busy crafting my thoughts into creations. After, you have spend one fourth of your life in studying prestigious professional courses and a short stint with few professional organizations you are confident that you will manage the work.

As out of meeting, I felt like a free bird and my feet dragged me towards my car, I didn’t want to be there even for a single second anymore. I geared up the engine and here I was on the broad open roads. I didn’t realize it was late evening and the weather was very bright, chilled and enchanting. Yes, often all the blue collared professionals inside the highest skyscraper of towns are unaware of the weather outside. 
O! To add to the beauty and excitement I see few droplets slowly falling on the mirror and here is what I witness an unexpected heavy downpour. All I uttered was VOW! , as I love rain and getting drenched in rain. Helpless I couldn’t do that in the middle of road.  I kept driving before I spotted a nearby tea stall and children playing beside in the rain unaware of the future, challenges, and a competitor world ahead. I couldn’t resist and parked my car beside to enjoy a hot cup of tea and the beautiful weather.
I couldn’t keep myself away now and joined the group of toddlers to once again dance in the rain, enjoy as if I have to return no debts or I have to worry about any gains. I wanted to cherish this moment when I was me. I wanted to enjoy the freedom. I once again wanted to live as this life would never be. After a brief tussle between mind and heart, I joined them. I was now immersed in deep nostalgia because fond and sour memories of my childhood were hovering in my mind. I was now completely lost in the reminiscences of my childhood and while dancing in the rain tears streamed down...
My arms wide open, I looked above the sky...
All I said to HIM above- “Return my days of innocence”!!!

The old tree of blue ripe mangoes on my parish’s turn
You and I used to play hide and seek around its broad trunk
The innocent days of our acquaintance and recreation
When we never bothered about gains and returns
Return my days of innocence...

The ancient citadel standing tall in the far-flung region of my town
We narrated tall tales to steal moments for jamboree of twilights
The broad patio where we gathered to perform innocent crimes
The robust structure enfolds memories of my childhood delights
Return my days of innocence...

The coverlet of endless blue sky in the radiant nights
Laid under the swathe of infinite luminaries shining bright
Charismatic tales of magic and fairies in the serene ambience
Tales of wisdom taught us the hidden secrets vital for survival in life
Return my days of innocence...

The luring green pastures spread was our extended playground
The early mornings chase were pure display of strength and esteem
Where we weaved the castle of dreams to touch the horizon
When we prayed together to get tall faster and reach for heights
Return my days of innocence...

When relations were void of raison d'être and prejudices’
They were nurtured with hearts full of love and compassion
When embraces were a gesture of purity and affection
When love and care was the elite reason of eternal union!!!


As they say, God listens to the innocent prayers and so has he ours. When we were toddlers, we were attracted by the false charm and glitter of the world and we prayed to grow up fast and conquer the world. I am still innocent at heart, so God if you listen in my prayers now then all I pray to return back my days of innocence. AMEN!!


@Copyright 2011-Manisha Bhatia


Jerly said...

Lovely! Those were the days...but we all move on from one day to another and all days are not the same...But memories are like a breeze that refresh the stagnant air

Rajeev Upadhyay said...

It's nice. You have grown up a very good writer. Keep it up, we may have a very emotional writer and poet to read and interact with. Keep it up dear..........

Tameka said...

Mani, this was gorgeous! I could see you at your desk or yawning during the meetings! LOL! Then to be able to escape and then play in the rain like a child. Lovely imagery. The memories you invoked of your childhood were very lovely as well. Your innocence has not left you. It will always reside in you. :-)

sancheeta biswas said...

those were the days
of booming hopes
general benevolence
softy dreams
fuel of innocence
high on notes
loving the wet land
dancing in the rain.

wonderful thought Mani, can make any one nostalgic. returned to the days of innocence.

Simran said...

Beautiful post Mani Dear :)
Touched me deeply..Enjoyed the way you started and ended with your beautiful heartfelt poetry..

My cute innocent mani :)
Love you so much!

Fatima said...

That was awesome Mani..loved it the core :)
Dancing in the rain and tears pouring down is a time when you are emotional and vulnerable at ts best !!!

Left a smile on my face!

Take Care

Alka Gurha said...

Reminds me of Jagjits ghazal...Woh kagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani...

You have a beautiful way with words.
I am following ur blog now.

JANU said...

Loved the post and the poem...indeed those were the days...I would like to get back to my childhood days too.

Jyoti Mishra said...

ohh those days when only thing we used to care was the play time.
Awesome read.... feeling nostalgic... now tuned to the song "Summer of 69".... love the line in which bryan adam sings
"Those were the best days of my life".

Jyoti Mishra said...

PS: poem was a treat to readers :)

sulekkha said...

Mani, You are an innocent at heart and will remain so forever. Loved your prayer and your memories, you my dear are one talented Diva, keep writing and smiling.

PORTIA said...

Dear Mani,while reminiscing like this you are already in those days of innocence!We always long for that 'Light of other days'(as poet T. Moore calls them)and even some rays of that light makev our drab and dreary present colourful for some moments. You have written a nice 'ode' to those Innocent Days.

Shreya said...

Lovely!! Went in the flashback. :) ♥

Andy said...

Reading this tugged at my heartstrings.
When the responsibilities of adulthood & the trials & tribulations of life overwhelm us, we often long to return to the days of our youth. Mani, you echo the voice of so many of us.
Awesome imagery!
Thank you for this wonderful trip down nostalgia lane.

For ref:
More Fulfilling With Love

Alpana Jaiswal said...

As I have told you earlier,I can do anything to get back.
You have touched this subject very sensitively...Very well written.
I'd give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life's decay,
To be once more a little child
For one bright summer day.
~Lewis Carroll, "Solitude"

FherYmas said...

Very touching..
who would not missed those days of carefree and often times careless child play?


Mani said...

Jerly- Thanks dear fr stopping day...yea the memories s all we have...:)

Mani said...

Rajeev- Thanks soo much dear...hope the journey never ends....n I create n cross every milestone...


Mani said...

Tam- Lol yeaa u can relate...meetings r super boring n useless...I wish my innocence s alwys intact with me..thanks so much dear fr d support!


Mani said...

Sancheeta- Love Sanchi..<3 <3

Mani said...

Simran- Thanks my love...love u too..<3

Mani said...

Fatima- Thanks soo much dear..:)

Mani said...

@Alka- I m honred today..thanks so much!!


Mani said...

@Jyoti- O! trust me I too love dat song...sometimes I feel to take up a guitar n yell ths song...

Thanks so much dear!!


Mani said...

Janu- Thanks so much janaki!


Mani said...

Sulekha- Thanks soo much fr d lovely compliment...at the EOD m smiling...

Will keep it up!!


Mani said...

Portia- Thanks soo much my sweetheart..


Mani said...

Andy- My post s successful if that has happened!


Mani said...

Alpana- Vow those lines were awesome..

Thanks so much fr sharing...


Mani said...

Fher- True fher...thanks soo much..


Mani said...

Shreya- Thanks soo much sweets!!



I miss my childhood too,
No tension,
No Work,
No Love,
No Pain,
Awesome that's all i can say :)

Rimly said...

Yes to return to those days of innocence.loved the way you expressed yourself in this poem. xoxo

melissa said...

I think every person has his/her happy place inside his/her heart. And that's where we could return to every now and then when there's so much stress in life that we have to face.

Your poetry is so vivid I could imagine it for myself...loved this Manisha :*

Mani said...

Sumit- Thanks so much dear...:)

Mani said...

Rimly- Thanks soo much rim..<3

Mani said...

Mely- Thanks baby...love u <3

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Question even I feel like asking...Great work Mani....Very beautifully expressed poem :)

Mani said...

Valli- Thanks sweetheart...lotssa love<3

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Leah Griffith said...

Mani this was breathtaking! It brought me back to the days of dancing in the rain with my sisters. Did you write that poem too. My goodness it's beautiful! I'm so glad I came by today.

Mani said...

Hey leah thanks a lot sweets..:)
Yea i wrote that, we all miss our childhood days.


Anonymous said...


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