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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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They tried to impersonate my panache
But could not trace an ounce of my grace

They tried to impersoante my character
But could not acquainted with my soul

They tried to impersoante my conduct
But could not even touch a morsel of my standards

They tried to impersonate my essence
But could not even stretch to my fa├žade

They tried to impersonate my eccentricity
But could not even lay hand even on my variance

They tried to impersonate my beliefs
But could not even arrive at my reservations

They tried to impersonate my assertion
But could not even imitate my qualms

They tried to impersonate my ambitions
But could not even arrive at my notions

They tried to impersonate my conventions
But could not even emulate my peculiarities

They tried to impersonate my ideas
But could not even imitate my perceptions

They tried to impersonate my purity
But could not even reach till my innocence

They tried to impersonate ME
Fools never realized
Can’t even lay hands on my REFLECTION

You Previewed My Soul Inside

Passion was brewing inside, but I never realized
You came in life and previewed my soul inside

I had lost my way and destiny found you for me today
With silent footsteps you sneaked in life and made all OK

Your embrace alleviated the pain
My heart and soul was carrying from prolonged time

The touch consoled my fears
Infused a sense of completeness inside

Caring and sharing became part of life
Emptiness fluttered away filling it with love from all sides

Two souls are now bound with eternal love
Heavenly showers and blessings poured in from all sides

Your graceful presence has illuminated my life
My soul was set free when you previewed it inside!!!


@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia


You stood invariable with me through all thick and thin
You stood tall and confident when doubts lingered my mind
You were composed to hold me on when my soul was sulking in

You stood beside when everyone else cabaret their true colors
You counted at the time when fingers pointed at me from every end
You answered my qualms when my heart was skeptical in evaluations
You took note of all details when everyone else enjoyed the show

You read my silence when others could not even hear my words
You could easily make out when and how my modulations were high and low

You were the one and only present when everyone else took a back seat
You were the one to amble together in all phases of life without any whine

You efforts to facilitate needless to mention were just immaculate

You kindred the spirit to try once again when I was back to square one
You said I am very near when others alleged I have not made the first grade
You converted everything in a piece of cake when I cast doubt on my ability today

You and me share an enduring relation because you know my core deep within
You are my best comrade indeed because you were always there when I was in need
You held me on when I went on the blink and was about to give up today

You and me are apart from distance and cannot share the physical presence everyday
Your consideration and warmth is like present like a shadow with me every second

You are ny comrade and I am grateful to have you in my life today!!!