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Being a Girl~III (FINALE)

Children are known as the reflection of God because the innocence of their heart and purity of their soul is equivalent to divine. This is the reason that whenever a child smiles in the sleep our elders say they are having chatter and natter with God. This makes me smile as well now because I so love children. I have never seen anything more pure and beautiful than a child smiling in his sleep. No matter how stressed I am or through whatever pain I am going through when I hold an infant in my hands my stress melts down and I forget everything else in the world. I am in joyous mood once again.
But still I believe and you all will also definitely somewhere consent with me over the fact that a girl child is more caring, more thoughtful, and feels the pain of near and dear ones more deeply just because it is her intrinsic nature. Though she has been crafted with a soft façade but her heart is even suppler in comparison to her soft structure. The charm she spreads around with her soft giggle can melt even the most rigid hearts. Her cheerful laughter and innocent gestures can lit up the solemnest environment and diffuse life in the gloomy situations.

But her beautiful heart always has two sides. If one is meant to bestow all love and care the other side is very tough and she knows very well when and how to hold her family and relations at the daunting times.

This truth that children are equivalent to God is so beautiful but while growing up and through all the years that I have crossed all I discovered that there is still stark discrimination in being a girl and being a boy. Even after ages while our society has moved ahead in their thinking and actions but the basic predicaments and hindrances faced by a girl has only improved marginally. Why still today she is answerable for every action? Why still today she has to justify her dreams and thoughts?

Why still she has to compromise? Why for every wrong and unethical incident happened in her life first finger is pointed towards her? Why do our society and the opposite gender forgets that apart from giving and giving she is also an individual who is so complete in herself and she has her own dreams, her own set of beliefs and her own likings and disliking as they have.

No matter what she does and how much she does there is always demand for more from them, while fulfilling those demands she always looses herself completely and when her family and its happiness becomes her priority and she never does this with any obligation. She always does this with utmost grace and delight. This is just a miniscule example of her humility and wisdom which is inherited in her by Almighty. She is actually ascended on this earth to hold this world because God cannot be himself present here for holding his complex universe.

My writings on this topic may never end because a girl is an ocean, no one can ever ascertain all the shades of her enigmatic personality as well as the intensity associated with that personality. I believe no one can ever unlock the pain, hidden strengths and mysteries inside her ever~ to know a woman you need to know and feel her “SOUL”.

History is evident that though the stronger, graceful and most adorable among the two genders she has yesterday, she is today, and she will tomorrow pass through the testing times and always be an exemplary to the generations till this world exists…

I still say- Is it task being a girl someday? Just try to exchange the role for a day….

All love and care in HIS heart crammed

The passion in HIS prosecution

To craft the wonderful creation

Made to bestow love with hilt

He forgot to invest the brains

In the reverse creation

Being a girl you are inclined to all risks

You need to tussle and juggle

To explore and create your way in

You cannot speak your heart right

Your actions are on the plunk

You need to justify till the end

You are finest in your deeds

They will try to pull you down

By using ways lean and mean

As your self-respect is your crown

They will bring into play the actions

So that they can show you down

They will try to engage you

In all the callous scuffle

You may lose the hope

You may lose it while you tussle

Fools thy forget the basics

You only possess the tender façade

These simple games of mind

Is the games you play everyday

They forget you are brave by heart

They forget you have tough brain

Still they always end up

To foster the acts of foolishness

To mess with the GIRL OF TODAY!!

Being a Girl~ I am Proud~ I am Blessed~ I will never exchange places…


@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia


Jerly said...

To realise that there is more power in being born a woman is the biginning of discovery.:)
beautiful expolorations of womanhood Mani. Keep it up

Alka Gurha said...

Sexes cant be compared. Just like apples and oranges. Women are special in their own way..discrimination's are there and we have to fight them. Things are changing, slowly but surely.A heartfelt post.

FherYmas said...

I hope more and more woman will come forward like you do...I know many of them needed to be heard but are not given that much chance. But we have seen many woman ascending in various field...here in the Philippines we had 2 woman president already...One is even considered a saint while the other is controversial up to now...but anyway, this shows that a woman can achieve what man can do or even surpass them.
Continue writing about the flight of women Mani...I know this finale is just a beginning.
By the way, I like what you said about a sleeping girl...OH yes I sometimes do that when my little girl is in her deep sleep...I would stare at her for hours and it gives me peace.

Mani said...

@JErly- Thanks much jerly..Indeed I will ..AMEN!!


Mani said...

Alka- True they both have their own good n bad...no comparisions n it hurts t time..
But things gonna change let we be the change...


Mani said...

@Fher- Great to heart abt women power in phillipines ...well current president f india too is a woman..:)

I shall fher thanks for ur wishes n my love for the lil one...


Tameka said...

As a woman who was once a girl (still am sometimes) I love the honor that you've shown in this piece. All children are a blessing and girls are magical! I wish boys and girls were treated equally so they both can grow up to know and feel their worth. We are all worthy of admiration and love!

melissa said...

The best thing about being a woman is our ability to give birth physically. And for that, I'll never ever exchange places.

We are the most beautiful creatures of God and for that I feel blessed. We just to get hold of our femininity and discover our inner strength and beauty for which we were created for :)

Mani said...

@Tameka- Indeed true!

Mani said...

@Mely- Yes mely i agree..:)

Abhisek said...

I don't think a girl actually needs to prove that she is brave and all.Giving birth to a child is the toughest task of all.A women is brave and that's why she survives the pain and never complains.

♥ Abhi
We Have A Story

Jan said...

The genders are so different yet so the same. Our thinking is completely opposite in so many ways. In the love I have; we have found a balance to to it. His logic balances my fantasy world. I wish that some day it could be found worldwide that women and men are just simply different versions of the same species. NO one better than the other....just different. <3

Andy said...

Hello Mani.
As always, you are the epitome of a woman's beauty...in heart & soul.
Always embrace who you are and stand proud to be a woman.
Wonderful, inspiring post.

BTW, I'm happy being a man & would never want to change places...simply because I would never have found & be married to my beautiful wife if I were anything else.
Thanks for sharing.

This Pink Rose

Mani said...

@Abhi- Well said abhi..


Mani said...

@Andy- Lol nice to heart that andy..asI say ur wife s lucky.

Thanks a ton!


Mani said...

@Jan- Yea Jan so true..:)


Portia said...

the best way for we girls is to adopt 'in your Face' attitude. Nobody can dare to fool with us if we don't give them a leeway.

Mani said...

@Posh- So true hon!



Wonderful wonderful creation dear <3 <3 :)

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