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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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The Versatile Blogger Award

So here my dear friend Fher Ymas has blogger, painter, and a very dear friend from http://fernandoymas.blogspot.in/ gave me The Versatile Blogger Award a little before so sorry for being later Fher ;). I am very grateful for all the love and support my dear blogger or as I say writers shower now and then and I will always be indebted to them or I realy don't know how my journey would have been.

Sharing the award...

In the tradition of award, you have to pass it on 15 different bloggers and reveal 7 random things about myself and paste a picture on the post.

1) I love animals specially Dogs as I regard them very good friends.
2) I have a wild dream to own a dog of every breed someday.
3) I love children very much and often they are like stress buster to me.
4) Music is like a daily need to me as daily bread
5) I often write with music on though I may later get lost but all I want it to be ON.
6) A pure vegeterian
7) Natural surroundings are like a therapy to me.

Now the 15 good bloggers of my choice and I have tried my best not to repeat the awards...

1) http://www.cyrilkirian.blogspot.com/- A truly versatile blogger and a dear friend. Visit his blog to know more.
2) http://eatingliferaw.blogspot.in/- For insightful and indepth writing
3) www.mitostargazer.wordpress.com- For some beautiful writings
4) www.true-color-of-mind.blogspot.com- If you look for some intelligent writings here is the blog.
5) www.thesolitarywriter.com- The guy is truly versatile writiing, sketching n u name it.
6) www.anshsaransh.blogspot.com- For lovely poetry
7) http://alkagurha.blogspot.in/ - Come to her blog for sattire on burning issues n much more
8) http://jyotimi.blogspot.com/- Some really affirmative and brilliant writings
9) http://anshul-gautam.blogspot.com/- Deep poerty at very young age
10) http://gvsparx.blogspot.in/- For some heartfelt poetry
 12) http://emoverse.blogspot.in/- For spectacular photography n literature.

I have not completed 15 blogs because most of the bloggers around I know are already cherishing the award and I don't want to distribute the award just for the sake of doing it. So i will stop now...May be you guys can carry it much further better than me.

All of you writers are unique and special in your own way so cherish and enjoy your award folks.

Jana/ You and I~ Love Doesn't Need Words...

Jana/ You and I~
Love hovering
In our wet eyes
Gaps wedged tight
Secluded evenings
The wooden bench
Icon of our love
In the park
Beside our town
Your head
On my shoulders
Moments passing by
Ardour intensifies
Silence draped over
Tears rolled down
No longer
We could hide
Tale untold
Today unfolds
Cuddled you tight
Feelings poured down
From our eyes
Contentment was high
Love doesn’t need words
You only feel it inside
Jana/ You and I~ <3
@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia

PS- Jana in english means darling...

Everything Will Be Fine~

Few miles strolled
Step to step
A town
We crossed
All through
Our way
I couldn’t
Meet your eyes
Your silence
Was killing me
Made me
Weak inside
The cold eyes
Your steep gaze
Never whine
Unfair affairs
Deep within
The poison
Of pain
Your soul tame
In incessant rain
Pearls hidden inside
Drained with rain
In choked voice
I held your hand
In my hands
For long
A long pause
Engrossed within
Your reaction
Didn’t changed
Your pain
Flew down from
My eyes today
All I could say
Everything will be FINE!!!

@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia



She is Woman of Dignity
She is Woman of grace
Burgeon up your speed
To match her pace

She is Woman of Solace
She consoles the pain
To fulfill all your aspirations
Her efforts will be insane

She is Woman of Audacity
She can play all games
In clash of insolence
Be ready to take back the pain

She is Woman of Ecstasy
She can lighten up your space
When she bestows love
Joi de vivre is spread all around

She is Woman of strong Acumen
She can match your intellect
In the aura of those candelabra
Candid chats can just go endless

She is the woman of Fervor
She asserts so much faith
In the days of pessimism
Her faith never faints

She is woman of Compassion
She has concern woven in every grain
Her magical healing touch
Will mislaid all your pain

She is woman of Integrity
She can be your best comrade
Her beautiful heart is a deep ocean
Can conceal all your gaffes

She is woman of Radiance
Her aura is full of grace
With her illuminating presence
She can bind hearts at one place

She is woman of your Dream
She possess tender façade
With her enchanting zeal
She can drive your senses insane

She is woman of Serenity
She holds poise at every stage
When met with challenges
Her power of silence plays the game

She is woman of Purity
She has crystal clear soul
Her deep mysterious eyes
Is the reflection of her core

She is woman of Love
She has passion running in her viens
When showered with love
She surrenders her heart till end

She is woman of Regard
She inhibits morals of high grade
With her ability to bring the change
She deserves applaud at every phase
She is woman of panache
She is the groovy of every event
With her lovely moves
She can paint the town in red

She is woman of Today
She is independent with grace
She can shoulder every responsibility
Nurtures opportunities to escalate

Yes She is a WOMAN
She is the God's best creation
She is on this earth to be loved
As your life is incomplete without her at every stage!!!


@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia



Festival of colors~
The aroma is diffused in heavens
Feel the zeal spread all around
Warmth in hearts melts down
The difference between YOU and I

Festival of integrity~
We admire the innocence in relations
With heart full of love and grace
Today all evils take a backseat
It is the carnival of sparkling faith

Festival of devotion~
When we wink at boundaries and regions
Love becomes the only religion
Limits recede and celebrations proceeds
Time to engage in naughty yet naïve recreation

Festival of novelty~
Composed in the swing of lovely things
Blend in different strokes of colors
Bring to light enduring uniqueness
The exquisite togetherness in relations

Festival of delight~
Halo of arms joined
We cease the diverse stages of life
Happiness and insanity does rounds
To kindle the little child slept deep inside

Festival of revival~
The tales of wisdom by times of yore
Time to throw some light on glorious shore
Cherish the treasure of learning from sages
Vital for life’s tough survival since ages!!!


@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia
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