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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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It was the pink and romantic month of October, there was some peace prevailing on the border now. Major John just lay down aside his position at border to enjoy the charming sunlight falling on his face. As he closed his eyes, he was lost in the memories of his beloved to whom he got engaged last month only.

He still remembers the day, when he was back to his hometown on leave. The first time he has met Julie, he has not seen her face, rather was bowled over by the long dark wet hair of hers.
She was shining bright in the beautiful weather and water was tripping from her beautiful dark tresses. Drops dipping on her shoulders, waist, and neck were shining bright by the reflection of sun rays. As she turned her face and jerked her hair, it appeared as though thousand shining pearls were released in the atmosphere. She looked like an angel on earth when her magnificent dark hair fell on her face. He was already in love and decided at that very moment that he will marry her only. Her magnificent hair has stolen his heart. He was wondering what she has been doing to maintain the beauty of her hair in this era of high pollution, chemicals, adulteration & water contamination.

He decided to ask her after they were engaged so that she is never out of those resources essential to take care of her magnificent dark hair for lifetime. After their engagement, she revealed the secret of Dove Hair Solutions to him. How pollution and water contamination has destroyed her hair and Dove has helped to regain back the beauty.

But as soon as they were engaged and have spent only some priceless moments, there was an emergency call from Army Head Quarters. There was a terrorist attack and emergency has been declared at the border. His leaves were cancelled and he had to leave within a day. The painful day and moment is still standstill in his life as soldiers may have toughest façade but they do possess the supplest heart in the whole universe. If it beats with pride for their motherland, it does with the same intensity for their beloved.

Lost in his beloved’s beautiful hair he weaved a beautiful composition and decided to send her along with the present her birthday the very next day.

In the dismay and gloominess of this blood and war
When my heart pines for peace and love
Your long dark dense hair provides me cover
Aroma draws me more near to feel
Your high heartbeats and warm breathe
My gentle strokes in the never-ending length
Compels me to blend and be lost in you forever
How I wish and pray for tranquility to return!

When they confront us to exchange blows
They challenge manhood and humanity then and now
The relics of terror and cadavers spread till horizon
Signify the footprints of barbaric acts on innocent souls left
Your freely flowing hair reminds days of happiness and freedom
Caught in the manacle of my duties and responsibilities
It gives me strength to fight and liberate my mother
From confinement of brutal offenders!

I am standstill on the road lost on that turn
When I left you to hear the squeals of my mother
Your aura engrossed in me when last time we embraced each other
Your hair fell on my shoulder with a silent promise
To wait for my glorious return
Her needs were primary and duties are first
She is the reason of pride in this life
She will be the reason of my eternal glory after my death

Your hair weaves the saga of peace and spread the message of calmness
The droplets dripping down narrate the story of falling pearls
They instill nostalgia when I see my brothers here
Ready to sacrifice their lives on just one call
To save dignity and pride of my mother
To heal the scars on her body and soul with their blood
You hair could feel the pain in my heart and sense the adamant decision
They flutter on your face to conceal pain of my soul and hide your tears

These fights and struggle reminds me love your hair bestow all the time
Their fragrance calm my nerves and senses
Dancing and dangling on your forehead and waist
They whisper the story you are mine, you are mine
O! My love! My motherland needs me and calling for help
I will soon be back to hold you tight and play with your tresses
This dark night will soon be over when my mother will bask in glory of freedom!!!

We will soon be together to get lost in the depth and darkness of your hair!!!!

He has got a pack of Dove Hair Care Solutions from Army Canteen and decided to gift her along with the creation of love weaved by his heart for her. Suddenly, firing started at the border and he was back to the world of Real McCoy. There was intense firing from both ends. In the midst of echoes of sound “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, suddenly, two bullets banged into Major John's chest and he was lying in the pool of blood. Major Krishna, Major Rana came running for help but he has understood that it is time to leave. Lost in the delusion and aura of his beloved and her dark hair, he said, please send this to my fiancé along with the gift I have kept packed in my room.

Tell her I love her and will be with her forever!!

He closed his eyes and his last words were- Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!! . One more warrior today sacrificed his life for his motherland and closed his dreams in his closed eyes!! May the soul of all the warriors who sacrificed their lives for us, rest in peace!!

Here was a tragic story of how Dove did the magic for a soldier!!!


Though different colours of roses reflect different emotions and occasions but being romantic by heart I decided to write on Red Rose-“The Gift of Love”.  Here I present what red rose means to me.

Red Rose is the hallmark of love, makes your beloved blush
Expresses it on your behalf, when you lack courage and words
Converse three charming words, denotes you are in love

Red Rose is the soul of valentine, amplifies your love in her heart
Becomes the Raison d'être, to hold her for lifetime
Only a bunch speak volumes, makes her twinkling eyes shine

Red Rose is the significance of purity, essence of first innocent love
With just her presence beside, you are definite to conquer the world
You long to endure this feeling in heart, as we say first love one never forgets

Red Rose is the life of candelabra, while sun sets at the beach
Shades of dusky evening reflects in her facade, sensuous enough to drive your senses insane
Red wine completes to intoxicate, you are on high and Te Amo is all you say

Red Rose is the epitome of romance, in the passionate nights
On the bed of red rose petals, when you hold her in your arms
Squashed red petals create sensation, magical fragrance impels fanatical progression

Red Rose weaves the saga, of soulful priceless moments
You hold her close and tight, coy and wet eyes urge to explore more
When two souls merge to be one, it becomes the reason of eternal composition!!!


 “RED ROSE- Makes you fall in love, hold you in love, and keep you forever in love”
Image Courtesy of beautiful red bud by very dear friend SK SUMIT- www.emoverse.blogspot.com Please visit his blog to see more of his fabulous work.