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We all must have been through tough times in our lives when we experienced the most unexpected happenings. The events would have shook our core and there would have been a time when our soul must have cried profousely. We must have felt that this is what the worst that could have happened to us and now from this point our life will never be the same. I believe many would of us would have felt so.

We would have fought with our creator continuously with only one question- Why Me?

Our creator loves us so much that at times to open our eyes and clear our blurred vision he gives us sudden shocks. These days of pain and moments of disdain is actually the time when we get introduced to our real selves and we realize our real capabilties. He is our creator and his every creation is very special and close to his heart. It is just a miniscule effort from his end to see his children read his omens and pave their path to success and happiness for lifetime. We realize the justification of his actions at a later point of time in our lives and get more closer to him. AMEN!!!

 Dreams were lost and shattered
To never see light of the day
I fought with God
How can you abscond?
And leave me forlorn in middle of the way

Game of proposals and disposals going its way
Molding my future silently in your elegant way

The cultivation of my endeavors
Strong prayers the reason of persuasion
When fears were spying to chase my soul
How can you abscond?
I cried alone when I couldn’t figure out your trace anywhere

Silence dignified and personified was your way
I was indebted when I saw immense glory all my way

God I know we fought
All the way through this event
My pain reflected as tears in your eyes
Yes we are best comrades
And can always mend the ways

Yes God you have paved my path with gold
Enlightened with profound glory all the way all the way!!!


@Copyright 2011-Manisha Bhatia


Monu Awalla said...

your post took me to the past when i realized the same as what u said above.. Loved it so much that it is impossible for me to forget this post of urs for lifetym.. :)
This kind of posts really shake me to realize the presence of god within me, around me, everywhere- omnipresently.

thanks for coming up wid such spiritually powered words..

loved every part of it.. luv <3 <3

fantacy in practicality said...

GOD'S delays are not denials. faith and patience shows it all.

your spiritual reflection enlightens the path searching for eternity.

PORTIA said...

Very moving!

JANU said...

Great post...i loved the poem.

Burhan said...

Nice one

Jyoti Mishra said...

Everything happens 4 good :)
great message u have given here... awesome read.

n poem was treat to me, like a cherry on the cake !!

Mani said...

O! thats glad to hear monu...so nice f u...thankuu soo much..<3


Mani said...

@Sanchi- So true baby....love u ...<3

Mani said...

Portia-Thanks posh!


Mani said...

Janu- Thanks sweets...love Mani!

Mani said...

Burhan- Thanku burhan!


Mani said...

@Jyoti- U r a sweetheart...thanks so much....ur motivation means a lot to me.


Andy said...

Sometimes when the world seems to be on our shoulders & trials & tribulations are suffocating us, it's very easy to give up hope & lose faith in God. God is ubiquitous...He's all around us & sees, hears & knows everything. When the going gets tough, the key is to always keep courage & put your complete faith & trust in God. We make Him happy when we share our burdens with Him. He may not answer us in the way we expect, but He always shows us the way.
Very touching post from you Mani.
Thanks so much for sharing & visiting. I always look forward to your heartfelt comments.

Thank you too for sharing YOUR award with me. I am touched beyond words at your generosity. You have a heart of gold & your kindness knows no bounds. I hope you always stay as sweet as you are & may you always bask in the glory of love.
Thanks again my dear.

For ref:
Firebrand Of The Heart

Rahul Bhatia said...

Lovely words!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Everything is God. It's ALL God. There is nothing but God! Yet, the moment you go looking for God, you cannot find. Why? Because the very search itself begins with a false premise: That God isn't where I am. How is that possible if ALL is God? –Michael Jeffreys
Very well written Manisha...

Irfanuddin said...

well...while going through initial narration of this post i was thinking like reading my own thoughts bcoz this is what i am thinking at the moment after some recent happenings with me....
and now i totally agree that "We realize the justification of his actions at a later point of time in our lives and get more closer to him".....

nice post....:)

Shreya said...

Lovely write up. Rich words Mani. You got me glued to the screen. :)

Mani said...

Andy- Thanku so much for motivating me dear..these words means a lot to me.
Even u r very generous andy so kind of u fr all d understanding..


Mani said...

Alpana- Thnks so much dear.:)

Mani said...

Irfan- Dear irfanji thanku so much.


Mani said...

Shreya- O! thanku so much shreya..


Animesh Ganguly said...

Good work Mani!

Nice perspective, an optimistic one :)

Mani said...

Animesh- Thanku so much dear...:)

rigzin said...

..amazing write..
..ausgezeichnet..meaning ' excellent ' in german..
..keep up d gud work.. :)

Mani said...

Rigzin- Thanks dear..!


Tameka said...

Mani this was beautiful. The commentary was a great set-up for the poetic expression. Some of us have a love/hate relationship with God and especially at times when things don't go our way. I would be so afraid to be mad at God! LOL!

When things don't happen as I think they should I always wonder what I did wrong and not what God didn't do for me. I am confused sometimes by his ways, but I know they are mysterious and that I will never know all. That is part of being human. The uncertainty of it all, but still believing and remaining faithful. Great post dearie!


Mani said...

Tam- Hehhe...thanks tam...


Andy said...

Hello Mani, not sure why I haven't been following you, but I'm solving that now by becoming your newest follower. Hope you will do the same too.
Looking forward to your next visit.

For ref:
An Inscription Of Love

melissa said...

I read and reflected on this a few days ago. I think it's a common pattern for each one of us to be undergo a certain crisis at one point in our lives ~ to challenge the way we see God. Questions like 'Have we outgrown our infantile faith? Have we grown in understanding God's ways?' come into mind.

I'm glad to see this element of question in your poetry. There is nakedness before God.The listening part comes with the realization that God's answers are there.

Continue to grow in God's love...

Mani said...

O mely, thankya my love for such a motvating n lovely comment..xoxoxo!!


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