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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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The sketch of beautiful eyes is by dear friend "VALLI" a truly talented creative soul, though I have written this poem few days back and couldn't find any natural pic reflecting the core of my creation till I came across Valli's sketch~ So I again edited the poem with her sketch as it truly compliments the creation.
To have a look at her brilliant work do visit and join her page- *When my pencil speaks* on Facebook!

Those eyes

Captivated me whole night

Where passion of

innocent love resides

Abode of paradise

Lighten up my essence

Captured my senses

Sleep is now...

A far story from my eyes

Since they are dwelling

your reflection inside

I will conceal you

from the world

treasure you forever

to be awake all my life

Your love

like shining star 

twinkles in my heart

Not ME anymore

I am now...

Blended in your soul

Dissolved in your core

Since I have been

living in the depth of

Those eyes

They became the reflection of my life...

@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia

Lost in THOSE EEYS...


This painting is by my dear friend Fher Ymas, when he posted it two days ago the "BLUE EYES" captivated my attention and motivation was strong enough to pen down the creation. I have some special penchant with eyes and believe they reflect the inner persona of a person. Eyes narrate the story of every person. Fher is as wonderful person and that reflects in his art as well. To see more of his work you can join him on his page –“The Art of Realizationism” on Facebook and I am sure you will be delighted enough to see his amazing art work.
So here is go with my creation- "BEHIND THE BLUE EYES"~
Behind the blue eyes~

Lies a deep mystery, shining sparkle of brilliance
Enigma of untold history, forever unspoken
Reflection of tacit emotions, since ages hidden
World try to assume, while using petite wisdom
They could never explore, could never touch the core
The wetness confines, tales of sacrifice…

Behind the blue eyes~

Elegance thy hold, floats deep inside
Profound purity, as morning dew dazzles on tender petals
Depth of her soul, shining very bright
Intense gaze folds, honesty to hypnotize
Calmness akin to, the crest of ocean
Gravity conceals mayhem of agitations…

Behind the blue eyes~


@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia


We embraced first time
I held you very tight
It was not the fear of losing you
To owe you forever
Or to lose you ever
Was never in my mind
Feelings were as chaste and clear
Just like the prayers
Of an innocent child

There was no pretence
No encumber of expectations
My heartbeats were very high
I was just very nervous
My eyes were very shy
To meet your eyes
I broke in your arms
So that my shyness
Can find place to hide

Took me long to deem
Now the moment has arrived
You are beside
Upheld my face
Tenderly in your palms
Your eyes read the emotions
I could no longer hide
Numb and coy
Quivered deep inside
I again held you very tight
We embraced first time....


@Copyrightg 2012- Manisha Bhatia