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Being a Girl~ I

Being a girl.....sometimes I feel that she is his most wonderful and beautiful creation in this whole world. He has crafted a “COMPLETE CREATION” with his own hands. He has given her a soft facade but at the same time she is also gifted with a very strong and big heart equivalent to the depth of an ocean. She is a magical union of all kind of characteristics. She has numerous shades and her each and every shade encompasses so much meaning and holds so much importance at every stage not only in her life but also in the life of all the relationships held by her.
She always leaves a special affect and trace in everything she does be it in her personal life or even if she is a working professional and that personal affect and trace makes things looks beautiful and different. Things have always been beautiful, they have always been perfect but it is her touch which makes them magical.

You can find this beauty in small things you do not need to go very far or think very big. Just give her a room and do not even ask her to turn it into beautiful but since it is blended in her character she will at least arrange things right in the room and make it like never before. That is why the old and wise people always say: “A woman makes a house “The Home”.
It is not about her beauty or it is not about the softness of her facade or voice it is more about the intensity of her character which turns things magical which were ordinary before. Since ages the depth of love in her heart and the integrity of her character has neither been nor do I believe it can ever be measured. When they say –“You cannot understand a woman” they are right because this statement in itself holds so much truth and deep reality. You can never unveil the beautiful secrets of her heart.
Since Bryan Adams has always been one of my very favourite singers so I could not resist myself to recite a few lines from one of my all time favourite song “Have you ever really loved a Woman?”
To understand her you gotta know deep inside...
Hear every thought and see every dream...
Give her wings she wants to fly~~~

Her soft facade
The alluring aura
Charm of supple voice
Her magical hues
The caring intentions
Depth of her heart
Innocence of her soul
Just being HER
Reflects the beauty
Of her uniqueness
In this entire world
She is HIS
Most graceful creation !!!


@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia


Monu Awalla said...

Simply and wonderfully I have to admit- YES! No one can deny the fact that a "girl" is his best creations of all...
You've highlighted it simply though I know your each and every word carried tons of emotions to ponder on..

Loved it so much.. <3


Alpana Jaiswal said...

I am awestruck...you have penned this down so well...we should glorify the fact that we are women,and I would never trade places.
Something I had written on my blog..."I am not claming that a woman is perfect, she has her flaws too….but she is capable of giving and sharing more love and care, than a man can. A woman is a mystery, and no matter how much a man tries, he will never be able to reach her inner self…. "

JANU said...

Amen! I totally agree to what you have stated and am proud that I am a woman.

Jan said...

This is absolutely perfect. I love it.

rigzin said...

..' you ' r getting better n better manisha..
..dis was a wonderful write..
..a man is mess widout a woman..
..she is d force dat is wheeling d world..her life is a history of affections..n her heart is a graveyard of all d pain dat she bears wid a smile on her face..
..she is d epitome of love..and at her nadir..during d dark hours of adversity..she kindles,beams n blazes..
..a woman inspires poetry..she ignites passions..nero,julius ceasar have all succumbed to women..such is her power..
..i wud say..' let men tremble to win d hand of a woman '.. :) ;)

Jerly said...

True Mani, but it is also only women who have the patience to explore the heart of a woman. ;)

Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

Amazing brief followed by a gr8 poem...proud to be a follower of ur blog too:)

Andy said...

Hello Mani. I hope today finds you well.
Some men will only look for beauty on the outside, but the true beauty of a woman lies not in her physical beauty but in her imperfections and the intentions of her heart. Woman was created NOT to be conquered by man, but to be a COMPLIMENT & COMPANION to him.

I'm not a huge fan of Bryan Adams, but I do like this particular song.
Wonderful post.
Thanks for sharing & for always supporting my blog.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

Elvirah said...

Yes being a girl is something to be proud of. As a woman we learn to be a daughter, a wife, a mother and a great creation of our maker, the God. When we can inhibit so much growing from a girl to a woman, we also try to exhibit the same good qualities being a woman as a wife and a mother. We are indeed Gods wonderful creation and it was nice going through your post.

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

True....Lovely post...Proud to be a girl :)

Mani said...

@Monu- Thanku so much monu. Indeed v true.


Mani said...

@Alpana- Truly said I loved that line on ur blog which says, Behind every successful woman is a woman herself...
It inspires me a lot..


Mani said...

@Janu- ThanQ so much..:)

Mani said...

Rigs- Vow! Those lines were awesome rigs...


Mani said...

Jerly- Aah so true...:)

Mani said...

@Alvirah- ThanQ so much....:)

Mani said...

@Andy- ThanQ andy n most welcome..


Mani said...

@Valli- ThanQ so much sweets....


Jyoti Mishra said...

Give her wings she wants to fly-- this single line says everything

Loved it !!

Mani said...

@Jyoti- ThanQ so much dear..:)

Tameka said...

Mani, this was beautiful. I love my womanhood and learn so much from the other women in my life, my friends, family and even women whom I only meet for a short time. We teach each other things about life when we share our stories. Women are all connected!


Mani said...

@Tam- Indeed so true sweets..ThanQ


Rahul Bhatia said...

Mani, a beautiful post about womanhood!Sheer respect for this god's creation which is a symbol of love in so many ways!!

Mani said...

Rahul- Thanku so much!



Very correctly said.. being a girl is the greatest creation of GOD. And being a mother is the best feeling that girl can have.. No one loves a person more than his mother :)

Anonymous said...

manisha di
simply great writng
vv true lines about girl
i personaly respect girls a lot
specially girl like u,who r livng v interdependently in this modern country
di,just imagine world without girls
world vl incomplete without girls

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