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Engrossed and lost from dawn till dark
Mind tossed up once again the gains and loss
Glut of emotions accumulated in my heart
A podium to harness the glow of flow
A podium to erect my broken pieces
Notion of INNOCENT ATTEMPTS was born

Attempt for creative soul to find place
Attempt for creativity to have wheezing space
Attempt to break the chains and set soul free
Attempt to dance in the rhythm of creativity
Attempt to pour it down
Attempt to get in lost in ME

I remember my days of seclusion
I was in dire need to have fellows around
As darkness appeared they left scene to be never found
When pain surpassed and heart could not confine
I remember that one dark night when I sat to pen down
I discovered my lost self, that moment couldn’t be defined

I became my best acquaintance
While I consoled myself that all will be fine
The daily tussle inside me calm down
When I decided to cherish the learnings from my life
I decided to not succumb and give it a fight
Every affair has two sides like of a coin

Poise of my creations glow on my face
Faith is an inseparable part of my tender fa├žade
I have discovered an incredible faction of creative souls
An old adage says whatever happens is for a reason
You will discover true findings at your destined right time
All the events are part of this cycle called LIFE
While I was casual in the creations
Innocent Attempts developed a dedication
I never realized slowly it was becoming a passion
Deep insight blended in the character
My horizon now broader and profound
Fears melted down inside heart whenever I sat to pen down!!!




Sounds much like a melodious song... You really love yourself... dont you?

Jyoti Mishra said...

wow u write beautifully..
m glad u liked my comment at Raven's blog.
u have a nice blog too !!

definitely following u.
looking forward to new posts !!

nikhil..walking all alone said...

too good..loved 3rd stanza...ahhh!! dialogue which suits u.."main apni fav hun"..lol...but really osum...:)..keep it up dear..

JANU said...


Mani said...

Sumit- Yes I do...Wen I started lovn others ...the showed their true colors n left me in d middle f struggle through....M glad n thankful to them...I hv started lovin myself...:D

Mani said...

Niks- :D...yes...I hv gone through a lot...it ws nt developed easily....;)

Mani said...

Jyoti- Thanks soo much...ur comment gave me knowledge as well jyoti...appreciated!!

Mani said...

Janu- Thxx ssooo much...:)

JIM said...

so glad I stopped by you are talented and I have started following you looking forward to reading so much more from you


Tameka said...

Manisha, you are getting so strong in your flow. Keep flowing, writing and reaching. I loved the sentiment in this piece. Self love is the best love and when we fill ourselves up with it it overflows to the right ones. Loved this!

PS: Did you update your page? It looks lovely!


Mani said...

Jim- Thx soo much...its d appreciation n confidence from u fellas i m developing d dedication...wish i cud come in terms wid ur expectations!!

<3 <3

Mani said...

Tam- Indeed..i feel d same...yes i did updated ma page sweets...thxx soo much!!

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