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Was it the charm of little flirts we had around?
Was it the rhyme of beautiful devotion you played tonight?
My heart chiming and soul singing every day
I never realized HE is keen to compose one more magic today

Was it the fascination of candid chats that led to attraction?
Or laughter rounds was the key to fan the flames
The deciding moment creeped and fondness in heart grew stronger 
I am always lost in deep thoughts as my day and nights have become same

Was the mystery held in the unspoken innate secrets?
We have imparted hidden deep in our souls
We were captivated as we shared with each other to console
The pearls flew down and I just couldn’t control

Was it the sweet memories of your mischief and tease?
Now I believe the secret lies in the deal to make me smile
Or was it in the magical ways to lit up my heart with so much ease?
When you are not around the corner, boy my knees go weak

Was it just a little attempt to fill the gaps of emptiness?
In the full moonlit night your deep look in my eyes
Left us hypnotized as the silence between us only spoke
We looked at each other as we both knew we were bowled over tonight

I believe the warm embrace became reason when you held me close n tight
As I was secured in your arms I knew you have won me over and I was right
The deep fears hounding my heart found place for sigh and I felt alright
May the dawn never approaches as our souls have felt the depth of love tonight

As the night grew darker and feelings more intensified
Our wet eyes made it evident now we both feel it in our hearts
My soul today is confident the unspoken love will last forever
It was the day of beautiful confession we knew it from start!!



Dangerous Linda said...


My favorite line: 'Was it the sweet memories of your mischief and tease?' reminds me of my Sweetheart ;-)

Thank you!

Monu Awalla said...

Love is an amplification of desires..
u made my heart feel-- "awww.. how sweet"
i cud feel u r der in every bit.. though its a li'l bit..

fly high fly high fly high..
sweet is always,
a love sigh..
:) :)

JANU said...


Mohinee said...

Very beautiful words and blog too. Sweet feelings of love....:).


I have never been loved. But i enjoyed reading ur lines very much. :)

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I love this one....a die hard romantic...this touched me deeply.

Tameka said...

Love inspires many poetic lines. I enjoyed reading yours and also remembering my loves. Great pic as well.


Mani said...

Linda- Ooo how sweet linda i reminded u f ur love...god bless u!!

Mani said...

Monu- Aww sweets i lovedur comment...<3 <3

Mani said...

Thanks janu!!

Mani said...

Mohiniji u r first time on my blog. M soo glad fr d presence n appreication..:)

Mani said...

Anshul- To be loved u need to fall in love n d day u will ...u will urself write romantic poetry...<3 <3

Mani said...

Alpana- Thanks fr ur presence n appreciation!!

Mani said...

Tam thanks soo much....ya me too loved this pic...:)

Andy said...

When love is your heart & in your midst, even the dullest of days seem brighter.

Lovely expressions from you, Mani. Nice image too!

Thanks for sharing.

The Beauty Of Love


hhmmmm....that was lovely, full of romance....

well penned thoughts....:)


Oh,it is so sweet and flowing like a crystal-clear stream!I'd like to hug you,Mani!You are on a high,baby!

sulekkha said...

A sweet, tragic and romantic poem which makes me want to fall in love all over again.

CS Devendra K Sharma "Man without Brain" said...


Was it the fascination of candid chats that led to attraction?

its enough to lead towards a love story....

My soul today is confident the unspoken love will last forever

I liked most ur this line in ur creation.....hope u will like my attempt to write a story on similar subject "ek ankaha sa pyaar" at


while reading ur this creation "I LOST IN ME"....

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Lovely love poem :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

expressions r beautiful.... I specially liked the last verse :)

Mani said...

Andy- Extremely thnkful fr ur presence.

Mani said...

Sulekha- Thanks soo much dear...:)

Mani said...

Valli- <3...thanks sweets u dunno bt ur blog ws y inspiration.

Mani said...

Dear Irfanji...m extremely honored to hv ur graceful presence on my blog. It means a lot wen appreciation comes from someone like u.:)

Mani said...

Devendra- Humbly honored...:).See u soon...:)

Mani said...

Jyoti- Thanks soo muh dearo..:)

Mani said...

Posh- Hugs bck to u baby!

nikhil..walking all alone said...

fantabulous.......loved last 2 para..ahem hem love flowing thruout the poem..kise yaad kiya jaa rha hai mam?? :P

Jan said...

Love inspires the world. You have written beautifully.

Mani said...

Niks- Its celeberation of love...:)

Mani said...

Jan- Thx fr ur presence Jan...<3

sancheeta biswas said...

love is felt from the heart, expressions always play deep inside the core where from it has got it's start.

lovely poem :)

Mani said...

Sanchi thanks soo much dear...:)

sm said...

nice poem
love comes from heart and spread to universe
more we give more we receive

Mani said...

SM- Thanks a lot dear...:)

Short Poems said...

Such a poignant piece of writing!


Mani said...

Hey...thanks soo much marinela...loads of love..:)

Haritha said...

beautiful!the picture adds to the whole hypnotic effect:)
so happy to follow your blog.:)

Mani said...

Dear Haritha- Thanks soo much fr d appreciation n love. I will connect more wid u soon. Lots of love...:)


Sweet. Very sweet. And I am very happy to you lost in someone else too, and so deep indeed. :D
Is this poem for me? ;)
Awww Thank you so much :D JK

Mani said...

:D :D, this one is dedicated to all the ones who believe in the beauty of love my dear n u understand it best!


sHoNa said...

Beautifully written :) I love your this post which woven with beauty of love, looks great. What a lovely poem..

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