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When You Met "YOU"

Has it ever happened with you, that you are smoldering your pain in your heart and churning your emotions continuously within because all you can do is nothing. You have to go with the flow. You get a real face-off with life. Life has left you baffled and you are shattered. This is the time when you are dwelling deep inside you, searching within and come across with YOU. You realize you have lost yourself somewhere in meeting the demands of others, losing yourself truly and madly in love of someone, trying to prove yourself to family and society (may be you don’t realize it at the process of doing it but you are actually doing it) or constantly chasing other things in life and at a snail’s pace the real YOU is diminishing.

The unexpected and unplanned events of life, moments of disdain and pain start pulling you deep in self-realization. I am not sure about the moments of happiness but I am confident about the painful events and moments as your energy level is so high that you want, no not just want rather I should say you crave to accomplish high in life. All you aspire is to touch the highest echelon in your life. The energy behind your pain is so deep and extreme that even you do not realize that when the moment arrives when slowly you start slipping into something you were never aware about yourself. It can be anything, singing, painting, writing or over indulgence in your work and you derive results which were like never before.
This is a very natural reaction, you may not even realize that you have achieved something like this unless until your near and dear ones bring your action and achievement into your notice. This is never planned by you rather LIFE has planned this for you. You are amazed at yourself how you did this, how come you never realize this about yourself? This is just a natural process of utilizing the accumulated energy of uncontrolled emotions inside you. You do not want to do it for accolades but you do it because it soothes your soul and gives you deep satisfaction. It gives your emotions a dwelling.

And now pain is not the only reason or it is not the only energy associated with the similar. Now synchronization of different energies like the admiration for your work from you allies, the growing realization within yourself, and energy you derive from your accomplishments coalesce together to give birth to a dream or rather I should say your passion or the love of your life.

Ever wondered or realized that now you are sinking deep into yourself and the pleasure you derive from your performance is something beyond this world and with each passing day you want to immerse more in you.
Your dreams become your passion and then they become your mission. You know why? - Because you perform those actions with your heart and soul. They are slowly inventing the real YOU..

The accolades and accomplishments just follow YOU; you no longer follow these things in life because you have moved ahead of them in life.

You realize that while chasing some things in life, a void has been created in your heart and the path of self-realization has made you devoid of all these things in life. They no longer lure you...They no longer appear fascinating to you!

You have met “YOU”!
Emotions soaked past midnight
Heart nourished throughout with pain
Wedged them from soul to path of gain
Like the depth of several oceans merge
Soul was in depth flourished
Engrossed deep within me
With the slow elapse of time
In the process of renaissance
I experienced immense ecstasy
No glory and admiration can ever define

Fear slowly diminishing like fumes

Joie de vivre holding hands at every step

Lost deep in me miles I crossed

Every stride of self realization I traversed

As an individual I moved a step ahead

Gains now do not matter

And loss no longer shatter

Like a river I go with life’s flow

I am basked in glory of my unique glow

Every day appears to me as new dawn!!!


Autumn Eliza said...

A great post, dear Manisha, both the article and the poem! You put it so nicely!


FherYmas said...

Yes! We just wake up one day and realized there is more to life than living.
Life always lead us to the exact moment where we can achieved the most learning.
A wonderful self-realization Manisha. Bravo!!!

-- Fher

Alcina said...

I have hardly read something like this anywhere on any of the blogs i have been on..i mean explaining the whole thing so beautifully and then it is accompanied by a great poem.
Glad to land on your blog :)

Afixxion Addixt

JANU said...

I feel as if you have written about me....I can relate to each and every word of this.
Beautifully expressed...loved this.


It seems somewhere when we were busy, you entered into us, took our hearts away. You looked deep into the red, and found out every aspect which almost all of us have faced, but we never expressed them, never tried to share. And you did the theft and showed them up here.
Keep going. Waiting for posts like this more. :)

Andy said...

Hello Mani.
What you describe here we all can relate to. The key is to stop, breathe, reflect & act. Experience has taught me to greet each new day with a smile & always thank the Almighty for granting me another day of life, health & of course love. Anything else on top of that is an added bonus.
Wonderful, inspiring poem & post.
Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your comments are always appreciated.

Zealous For Your Love

sm said...

thoughtfully writen

Jan said...

wonderfully written, there is only truth in this. Such a great post I think we can all relate to this....

Mani said...

@Eli- ThanQ so much sweets!


Mani said...

Fher- Hey fher i lwys like dat honesty in u...tahnku so much ...means a lot...:)


Mani said...

Alcina- Hi there...thanks for being here and leaving the appreciation. It really matters n motivates a lot..


Mani said...

Janu- Thanku janu...u r a fighter n brave woman!!
Lot to learn from u!!


Mani said...

Anshul- Thanku so much...we writers hv actually been thru all ds...


Mani said...

Andy- U knw u r a wonderful human being. You love and most importantly respect each n every individual so much that I blessed to hv u between us.

Thanku for everything andy!!


Mani said...

SM- Thanku dear!!


Mani said...

Jan- Thanku jan yeah we all can!!


Shreya said...

Beautiful work, thoughtful. :)

J. R. Nova said...

That was beautiful!

"Your dreams become your passion and then they become your mission. You know why? - Because you perform those actions with your heart and soul. They are slowly inventing the real YOU."

This was my favorite part.

Mani said...

Shreya- ThanQ shreya.

Mani said...

Nova- Thanku so much dear!!


Leah Griffith said...

Mani, this was just what I needed this morning. The art is in the heart <3

thomasson said...

It's a great transformation. Thanks for this article.

Mani said...

Leah- Most welcome...god bless!!


Mani said...

Thomasson- U r most welcome dear...:)


Irfanuddin said...

wonderful post...and so true that most of the people can very well relate to this narration....

liked it a lot....:))

Mani said...

Irfan- Irfanji thanku so much...:)

Kalyan said...

lovely words...nicely crafted!

RaJ BaRnWaL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RaJ BaRnWaL said...

that is realyyyy mindblowing....really beautiful expression of self-realization in words...

Mani said...

Raj thanku so much. Appreciated n most welcome.

God Bless u!!


Tameka said...

Most often our search for love, wealth, acceptance etc... is really a search for self. When we find ourselves and grow to love us (truly) is when all of the things we want will arrive as well. Touch lesson, but necessary. Nice post girl!


Mani said...

Tam- ThanQ sweets..


prax said...

excellent hope you start ... putting them down in paper.... await to c ur 1st publication...


Everyone has a life... Everyone has that special someone inside him/her.. its needed to find that someone :)
You explained everything..so so so nicely :) Lovely.

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