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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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One more dawn and I am upright
Promise and hope I will feel alright
The anthology of grown up years in my mind
Hands full plethora of gadgets and lips engaged in futile conversations
As I move like a fast paced android to complete humdrum on time
I geared up engine to budge in the highest skyscraper of town
My favorite radio station today is playing “Summer of 69”

Ascending the escalator of highest edifice
I am here today once again to justify social requisite
Mocha in my hand brews high
I am addicted to relax my adrenaline for while
Fingers run on the keyboard back and forth
One more round of hollow meetings to attend
I pull myself together once again to defend

Glut of mindless assignments have piled
I am at my desk and then I close my eyes
I lay my back and took a deep sigh
Twirl in again to roll around
Lost in thoughts once again so profound
My mind ponders and heart interrogates
While they look for justification all around

Today the throb of heart just escalates
Restlessness in my veins accelerate
My heart does not justifies my action now
I don’t gel well anymore with these social mundane
Years of learning seems to be drain in vain
Seems everything today is shred down with rain
How much to take and how long to fake without any complain

I am vocal I have strength
By birth I am a pioneer to change the trends
I keep my words till end to assess the honesty at opposite end
It’s not easy to follow as I said around
At every stage imposters try to pull you down
The values doesn’t allow you to play mean games
Wisdom says that connote gratification doesn’t sustain!!!!

It was pouring down: My soul was weaving a creation and mind started to pen it down...I titled it- " MAKE ME AN INNOCENT CHILD AGAIN"

While it was pouring down
My eyes set on the glass pane
Wandering and glancing around
Mug in my fingers held tight
The mocha in was brewing right
Ringa Ring the chime high
Ding dong ding with high zing
Toddlers in the park near by
Giggles and laughter
Diffuse through pouring rhyme
While I shut down the lids
The serene and gentle zephyr
Seep in my soul within
The innocence of infant phase
Those silly fights
The foolish games
O I wish I could join
The naïve recreation game
Memories of beautiful days
While waves through my eyes
I am off the tangent
Once again for a while
The nostalgia inside heart
Just intensifies very high
When memories give a knock
On the doors of emotion
I wonder your wonderful creations
The halo of hands joined
Tinkle of pouring rhyme
Hop in splash again and again
Penchant to drench within
Just pours down the soul in
Drains through my veins inside
How we fell in the pond
Danced in the rain
O the innocuous fun
How I miss the innocent zing
I pray to return my days of delight

While my eyes set on glass pane
Wandering and glancing around
How I miss the days gone by
While mocha I was sipping in
I was moving in the lane around
O I spot those paper ferries
Flowing on the towering puddle
They move just to and fron in
While emotions pour down
Mind endeavors to jot down
But thy just could not justify
What I miss in life now
Mind interrogates heart today
Struggle to find the answers
I ponder every day
Why we grow up so fast
I wonder if you can put back the loss
Can you give the account?
Of the pecks and kisses gone
The pure hugs we have lost
The arms around the neck
The purity in love we have lost
Hands in hands clench together
The credo to follow
From dawn till end
O it was a captivate sight
We the stupid partners in crime
While we justified every time
It’s not my buddy mistake
O buddy is an angel
He is naïve in all crimes
While you smile from above high
Can you return the loss contentment?
I try to ascertain all while
Wish I was given a chance
Just a wish if he could grant
Give me back those days again
God please make me an innocent child again

LOTS OF LOVE :)