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When the striking idea was born
Lost in deep thoughts in my lawn
I was not certain if I can
Do any kind of justification
While I invest my valuable time
To pour down my innate thoughts on
The Wonderful Idiots!!!

You encounter them everyday
Running in deep dark fake world
From dawn till day
Difficult to hold their essence inside
They take help of callous talks
To disembark their denote tasks
They forget you reap what you sow today!!!

They are spread all around
To my surprise humanity is now left
Just as a talk of fashion in town
Busy to sing their own praise all while
By genres of wonderful idiots proliferated all around
They lack to put in practice within their lives
While they look for perfection on opposite side!!!

Their talks are big but acts are small
They open big mouth for meaningless talks
With their petite knowledge they think
They can conquer meaningful deals
Look at the amazing confidence in fools
I wonder whether their soul ever realize
Rare quality of strong acumen is just out of their reach!!!

Fools never realize it’s the insight that shines
It’s the extraordinary power of wisdom and faith
Which helps you to cross miles down the line
A small success and their heads are swollen with pride
They never realize with each single and small triumph
A person develops more humility inside
To win over something mind over matter works!!!

Wisdom doesn’t allow me to pay attention
Just waste my time in retention
They may impair and try to harm at times
Try to be offensive when truth suddenly materialize
We need to remember their cores are weak
Their mean and callous tasks can never harm your eternity
These fools don’t deserve your justification!!!

Though they will try with full strength
You need to pay attention with full vigilance
It is a test of strength and values this time
Scarcity in wonderful idiots anytime
Because their principles are not defined
Scholars say never break during high and dry
In long term you will bloom as a better person!!!

Just as a token of appreciation
Today I will pay a special tribute
By miniscule effort through my creation
To The Wonderful Idiots
I owe them for my creativity
I wonder if I would have ever realize my strengths
And understood my power of relativity!!!

Each time they try to pull me down
Radiance of my excellence glows
My creativity and essence grow in leaps and bounds
I pray for wonderful idiots from my Lord!
It is only by HIS grace and entreaty
We can fulfill wondrous tasks
Thankyou Wonderful Idiots!!!

Innocent Attempts of Creativity


nikhil..walking all alone said...

hahaha....is something wrong out there..i suppose ur surrounded by many of the fools out there..lol


Awesome post :) Loved it... spclly d name of the post :D

Mani said...

Hahaha..Nikhil on a serious n honest note I owe them ...my pain n experiences wer d reasons wen i strted writin..i ws v casual...then slowly it bcme interest n nw on verge f passion...<3

melissa said...

It's quite interesting how idiots could be wonderful too ;)... loved the lines...

Mani said...

Mely thx soo much sweetheart......aah a whole book cn b written on their idiocity...huhh!

Mani said...

Thanks sumit....:)

Priya said...

I loved this one.....

jaidev said...

One of very few poems that I ever liked. Makes me wonder how many people think of me as the same fools you are talking about here :)

Jaidev Jamwal said...

One of very few poems that I ever liked. Makes me wonder how many people think of me as the same category of fools you are talking about here :)

Mani said...

Lolzz thanks jaidev...ppreciated ur presence!

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