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I AM CRAZY FOR U JOHNNY BOY- Dedicated To My Fav Bollywood Actor John Abraham

Johnny Boy…………………………………
I am crazy for your dimpled smile
The naughty twinkle in your eyes
Charisma so bright
One thought in you
Sweeps me off my feat
In the middle of night

You possess Greek god guise
Tenure of deadly combination
Tough facade with supple heart
Is the most matchless highlight
Sweeps me off my feet
In the middle of night

Your pleasing humanitarian side
Gracefulness to connect with masses
Makes you the most adorable darling
O Yes! I am right
Sweeps me off my feet
In the middle of night

You are as hot as live wire
Makes you every girl’s desire
Your love and cause for animals
Is what I truly admire
Sweeps me off my feet
In the middle of night

How you reached for the stars
You juggled up the tides
You had the confidence to start
Sweetheart you were a born star
Sweeps me off my feet
In the middle of night

Journey crossed was not easy
Fanatics admire you today
Confer their love for you to be
Johnny boy we love you
There can never be another one
You are the only one of its kind to be!!!

Bit by bit and step by step
You travelled that extra mile
You dared to put the extra effort
Became idol for generation next
Sweeps me off my feet
In the middle of night

Johnny Boy how I aspire
Today my heart desires
My love elongates for a meet
A charming nostalgic evening with you
Long candid chats will complete
Wish someday I can showcase my love and amiability!

When I Was Lost In Me!!!

With Love: Dedicated to JOHN ABRAHAM <3 <3


⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

John will faint with joy after seeing this poem...
Nicely penned...
Am a gr8 fan of JOhN too!!

Hi 5!!

Happy Blogging!

JIM said...

What a great tribute to John!!! He will have a large smile on his face when reading it!!! Really nice work!!!


Mani said...

Valli i love him...jst an innocent attempt!!

Thanks fr being there ....<3 <3

Mani said...

Jim ...i hope john read ths n meets me some day!!

Its jus an attempt f my love fr him!!

Ruchi Jhamb said...

nice1....i loved it....i appreciate ur crazyness 4 John

Mani said...

Ruchi my billi...thnku MEOW MEOW..:D

nikhil..walking all alone said...

hahah..bips out u got him gurl!!!..nw i cn try my luck on bips..hehe

Mani said...

Hahaha...He ws mine frm start...jst lost his way...:P

nikhil..walking all alone said...

hahaha...u go him back on track..;)

Tameka said...

I am not familiar with him, but he is very cute! I'm sure he would be blushing after reading this Manisha!


fantacy in practicality said...

mani, did you ask Johnny boy about it? how did he like it?

i just loved it:))

a tale of a die hard fan, maybe the second part, he!he!

Mani said...

Sanchi how i love his dimples....n hw i love johnny boy cnt even describe.
Ahh wish I m d one...oooo...;)

Wish johnny boy sees it..

Love HIM!!!


Johny boy is a Lucky BOY:D

eigroj said...

John is a good looking guy heheheh.... nice one

Mani said...

O yes eigroj indeed he s d sexiest hunk in indian film industry! Love his dimples..:P

sHoNa said...

oh john ... my love.... nice post..but i must tell you he is mineeeeeeeeeee ................. he is 100% comitted to me only ..<3 <3

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