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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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Tinkling of pouring sprinkle
I tuned in the radio
It was calling your name
Slithered in memories
I boarded the love train
The serene zephyr
Plays gently and leisurely
With my curly mane
Hides blush of your love
On my smiling face
When my tender
And choked voice
Slowly uttered your name
The frames passing by
Slowly stealing me
From worldly fibs
Every passing second
My heartbeat intensifies
I blend in your love
A little deeper
Pearls descending
From heaven
On my face
Soaked my soul
 With your love
I felt you in me
With my eyes closed
I only hear all around
Chimes from
The flute of love
Played from tinkling
Of pouring sprinkle
I am lost and besotted
Standstill on this ground
Your love is my prayers
This feeling is as pure as DIVINE!!!


@Copyright 2011-Manisha Bhatia


“Love”-As I utter the world or even try to compose a creation, at a slow pace I feel I am drowning in a deep ocean. It’s so vast and endless that sometimes I feel that no matter how many creations I write I will never be able to touch the core of the most precious and beautiful feeling in this world, which apart from being the most beautiful is the most painful feeling in the world. Love is eternal because all the other emotions are derived from the beautiful feeling called “LOVE”.

Here I present a saga of love of two lovers in midnight december...

A night to remember
Of midnight December
Down below the rocks
Through steep valley lane
Concealed from this world
Two lovers meet
In the midst of
Dense and dark woods
Playing hide and seek
They are out
Of everyone’s sight
They get lost
To weave enduring
Exquisite saga
Of love tonight
The tinkling rhyme
Of high waterfalls
Is the mantra
Nature will play
For them tonight
The lush green
Pastures drape them
In eternal swathe
As their lips lock
They taste
The tenderness
Rhythm of love
Has start
Beneath the calm
               Aura of starry night               
Nature will espouse
The divine dawn
Swathe of endless
Cobalt clouds
Will disguise
From this world

While they feel  
The sensation
In deep silence
They can hear
Shrill of their
High heartbeats
Passion soars
They discover
Several touches
They feel deep
Chaste emotions
As passion fumes
In this frozen
Enigmatic moonlight
With every move
Sensation zooms
Diffused intense
They breathe
Warmth of love
Will burn
Their souls tonight
Their innocent heart
Has touched
Every untouched chord
Two lovers meet
Forever locked
In a night to remember
Of Midnight December!!


While the lovers meet, divine aura disguises them and shower blessings from all sides.

@Copyright 2011-Manisha Bhatia


The events fly by night
Moments to and fro
Accretion deep within
The incessant starts
Eyes wedged
On the destination
They follow
Mind’s intentions
Deep sigh
Dreams are high
Each passing night
Tossing and turnings
Pangs of frets
In the sheathe
Of mysterious smog
Dead silence of
Frosty dark nights
I just ramble on
The hidden secrets
In my heart
Since ages
Are locked
Icy breeze
Diffuse deep
Within the soul
When pain exceeds
My limitations
I drive pleasure
In desolation
Lost and frost
I dash fast
Mind and heart
In a cross
Till I sweat
My heartbeats
Implored to stop
In the middle
Of slender
And slippery lane
On my knees
Wrapped in
Cover of solitary
I could hear
Of silent squeals
Scuffles from within
All around!!!



We all must have been through tough times in our lives when we experienced the most unexpected happenings. The events would have shook our core and there would have been a time when our soul must have cried profousely. We must have felt that this is what the worst that could have happened to us and now from this point our life will never be the same. I believe many would of us would have felt so.

We would have fought with our creator continuously with only one question- Why Me?

Our creator loves us so much that at times to open our eyes and clear our blurred vision he gives us sudden shocks. These days of pain and moments of disdain is actually the time when we get introduced to our real selves and we realize our real capabilties. He is our creator and his every creation is very special and close to his heart. It is just a miniscule effort from his end to see his children read his omens and pave their path to success and happiness for lifetime. We realize the justification of his actions at a later point of time in our lives and get more closer to him. AMEN!!!

 Dreams were lost and shattered
To never see light of the day
I fought with God
How can you abscond?
And leave me forlorn in middle of the way

Game of proposals and disposals going its way
Molding my future silently in your elegant way

The cultivation of my endeavors
Strong prayers the reason of persuasion
When fears were spying to chase my soul
How can you abscond?
I cried alone when I couldn’t figure out your trace anywhere

Silence dignified and personified was your way
I was indebted when I saw immense glory all my way

God I know we fought
All the way through this event
My pain reflected as tears in your eyes
Yes we are best comrades
And can always mend the ways

Yes God you have paved my path with gold
Enlightened with profound glory all the way all the way!!!


@Copyright 2011-Manisha Bhatia

Return My Days of Innocence

Extremely drained out from the hectic week, as I was out from a crucial meeting, I was a little more confident and drenched with the sense of satisfaction and achievement. Yes, without any iota of doubt you feel contended at the end of the day which no amount of money can provide, because before anyone else you need to answer yourself about your actions and achievements. This was my profession but not my true calling since I discovered the real love of writing, as this gives me immense happiness at any point of time and any point of day. In my boring and meaningless meetings, where I usually speak only if there is a dire need to speak or time to take a stand, I am sometimes amazed at myself that I am busy crafting my thoughts into creations. After, you have spend one fourth of your life in studying prestigious professional courses and a short stint with few professional organizations you are confident that you will manage the work.

As out of meeting, I felt like a free bird and my feet dragged me towards my car, I didn’t want to be there even for a single second anymore. I geared up the engine and here I was on the broad open roads. I didn’t realize it was late evening and the weather was very bright, chilled and enchanting. Yes, often all the blue collared professionals inside the highest skyscraper of towns are unaware of the weather outside. 
O! To add to the beauty and excitement I see few droplets slowly falling on the mirror and here is what I witness an unexpected heavy downpour. All I uttered was VOW! , as I love rain and getting drenched in rain. Helpless I couldn’t do that in the middle of road.  I kept driving before I spotted a nearby tea stall and children playing beside in the rain unaware of the future, challenges, and a competitor world ahead. I couldn’t resist and parked my car beside to enjoy a hot cup of tea and the beautiful weather.
I couldn’t keep myself away now and joined the group of toddlers to once again dance in the rain, enjoy as if I have to return no debts or I have to worry about any gains. I wanted to cherish this moment when I was me. I wanted to enjoy the freedom. I once again wanted to live as this life would never be. After a brief tussle between mind and heart, I joined them. I was now immersed in deep nostalgia because fond and sour memories of my childhood were hovering in my mind. I was now completely lost in the reminiscences of my childhood and while dancing in the rain tears streamed down...
My arms wide open, I looked above the sky...
All I said to HIM above- “Return my days of innocence”!!!

The old tree of blue ripe mangoes on my parish’s turn
You and I used to play hide and seek around its broad trunk
The innocent days of our acquaintance and recreation
When we never bothered about gains and returns
Return my days of innocence...

The ancient citadel standing tall in the far-flung region of my town
We narrated tall tales to steal moments for jamboree of twilights
The broad patio where we gathered to perform innocent crimes
The robust structure enfolds memories of my childhood delights
Return my days of innocence...

The coverlet of endless blue sky in the radiant nights
Laid under the swathe of infinite luminaries shining bright
Charismatic tales of magic and fairies in the serene ambience
Tales of wisdom taught us the hidden secrets vital for survival in life
Return my days of innocence...

The luring green pastures spread was our extended playground
The early mornings chase were pure display of strength and esteem
Where we weaved the castle of dreams to touch the horizon
When we prayed together to get tall faster and reach for heights
Return my days of innocence...

When relations were void of raison d'ĂȘtre and prejudices’
They were nurtured with hearts full of love and compassion
When embraces were a gesture of purity and affection
When love and care was the elite reason of eternal union!!!


As they say, God listens to the innocent prayers and so has he ours. When we were toddlers, we were attracted by the false charm and glitter of the world and we prayed to grow up fast and conquer the world. I am still innocent at heart, so God if you listen in my prayers now then all I pray to return back my days of innocence. AMEN!!


@Copyright 2011-Manisha Bhatia


I keep my words till end to assess the honesty at opposite end
My heart is very disappointed to see the trend
I am amazed at myself to expect the basic courtesy in return
I was let down to see how true colors of people flourished
They lack even the basic potential to show off and pretend

I practice reverence when I meet people from all walks of life
I am disappointed to see the changing spirits and vibes
Why they find it so hard to be themselves and gallant
I am amazed to see them fulfill mean expectations by phony talents
With no iota of doubt their trivial portico is two faced and hearts vacant

I practice silence when I meet imposters to assess my patience
I am disappointed to see the lack of basic humility and decorum
They try to pull you down from their mean attempts
Ironically they forget or essentially lack the vital edification
Law of nature says what you practice today always get back in return

I practice composure when I meet bigheaded to assess my humility 
I am astounded to see how they carry the heaviness of superiority on their sleeves
The layer of arrogance haze their judgment with false impression it will never cease      
They look out over the fact that time changes within the fraction of seconds
I am not madden on the contrary feel pity for their trivial actions

I practice humility when I come across jabbers and absurdity
I preserve calmness as they say brevity is the soul of wit
Wisdom does not allow me to pay attention on those who talk big
In long term swanks always learn their lessons and have their heads down
When you have faith he leads to destiny and rewards you very big

I try to distend in anomalous situations to assess my vigor and potency
I am amazed from where I gather strength to fight with full spirit
I practice to not come in terms till I stumble on my accomplishments
I am a maniac to risk very often despite I know things may never return
Holy "BIBLE" says- Never Caste Your Pearls Before Swine!!!

@Copyright 2011- Manisha Bhatia (When I Was Lost In Me)