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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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At times I have realized this strange but yet quite delightful phenomenon about me that when I get deeply engrossed into something from my heart and soul, I get attached to each and every small entity and emotion associated with that particular thing as well. Yes, it happens in the case of person too but we can discuss that some time later through some other write-up. The thought crossed my mind so many times as I used to often feel it. At times I ignored or find it stupid to accept but can thoughts ever leave a writer? .So I was pondering over it trying to find the reason behind this behaviour about being attached to small yet significant things before I succumbed to accepting the fact that yes I do get attached to every small thing and somewhere is also quite happy and about it.
Apart from me one of a dear friend of mine too noticed this particular habit of mine. While we were discussing about our writing journey and sharing our dreams over a cup of coffee he said to me-

“You know Mani, why this happens with you?
 Why, I too asked very inquisitively?

It happens because you possess fear of losing, which overpowers your heart and hence you just can’t tolerate the thought of parting away from even a small thing you love from your life which is already yours, said he.
Is it? I questioned myself many times. Well, I did brood over on it too but then it did not fit into any logical conclusion so I had to shrug off the reasoning given by him. It was not related to the past personal or emotional losses of my life, because being a very emotional person I am also a very practical person at the same time. When I move ahead I am confident and stern enough to never turn back. No never because of my rage or emotions just because those things doesn’t entice me enough to hold on as of now and my heart and mind has taken a unanimous decision to look forward in life.
For me past is past and I don’t mull over it to ruin my present. The past is gone...
I realized this and now accepted the fact that attachment to each n every small thing associated with me, my work, my writing or as per anything which is very close to me and my heart is blended in my intrinsic nature. It is the way I am and somewhere it draws me more near to the similar.
Is what I am writing sounding like a puzzle to you right now? If yes, then let me unfold the layers and explain what and how? Let me explain it throughsomethingwhich has effortlessly clambered in my life and with every passing moment it is blending me deep within and in the process is unleashing the real ME.
It is strange and true that at times when I get tired and shattered from the dismays of life I feel it to be the most important reason to keep me going on. It has given me new dimensions, beliefs, energy, recognition, love n support, new acquaintances, a new horizon, and above all “DREAMS”. I know only one thing that whether something happens in life or not but this should never stop. It is my “WRITING” so special to me and hence each and every small thing which becomes a part of it naturally become special hence probably the reason for my attachment as well as respect.
I am still not being able to categorize it and I really don’t want to as I love the things raw and candid. They are pure and deep that way. I don’t know it is my love, passion, need, something else or nothing. I have no idea about ordinary, good, bad, extraordinary, famous, and non-famous. I just don’t know and at times really don’t feel to know. For me writing is just writing as simple, deep and meaningful as it is.  I like to keep things simple just as they are.
“I write what I feel, writing heals”. It is like a joy to my soul hence very special to me.
Every small thing related to my writing- My room, my desk at office (abode of my first writing which I took seriously), my laptop, the small diary I possess, my phone (my biggest rescue when I have nothing in hand to save thoughts), my cup of mocha , music (like food to me and often the reason to take me off from the surroundings because peaceful surroundings are just a far story from my life), the random scribbling here n there, my blog, my page, my buddies with their incessant love n support, my emotions, I, ME, MYSELF...and the list is endless. I am quite possessive about each and everything associated with my writing. Needless to mention so am I with each and every verse & writing of mine be it drafts or completed.
My Cup of Mocha
My phone

My lappy n the small diary

It is the same case with me in every aspect of my life when anything or anyone becomes special to me in my life, I get attached to each and everything associated with that otherwise me as a person is as reluctant to not even care not because I covet or not, it is just that it doesn’t entices me to get attached. In simple words there is no feeling. For me things should come effortlessly otherwise they never pull me enough to be the real ME with them.
I always feel- My emotions only know extreme just nothing in between”. I can’t dwell in between it has to be either this way or that way.
So does it happen with you as well? I am sure it must be happening with you also that when your heart is close to something, you automatically get attached to every small thing associated with that particular thing as well. Ask a painter what their painting stand, brushes, colours, canvas, and each and every painting mean to them. Ask a dancer what their costume, music, accessories, and mentor mean to them. Ask a singer or a musician what their musical instruments or a sportsperson, technician, programmer, anyone in case who is deeply engrossed in any activity or profession from their heart and soul what their paraphernalia means to them.
If asked me- “They mean the world to them” A world which allows them to be very candid, original, and let them be just themselves”.

Leaving you with a thought my dear ones- “Have you too ever felt this way” What is your opinion on the similar?
While I was crafting this creation
I am still pondering on and let’s see if I can come up with some deeper thoughts through a different aspect again next time associated with attachment in our lives...

@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia


Award time yayyi, though my Shona SonaLee Desai gave me some time back but lazy me always takes time to distribute further n post here, a typical geminian behavior loves to do anything when they really feel :P, My writings and the love and support from all buddies around makes me shine so sunshine award seems to be perfect;). N yaa sweets I was tagged for same by my lil wonder Simran Kaur :)

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