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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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The Versatile Blogger Award

So here my dear friend Fher Ymas has blogger, painter, and a very dear friend from http://fernandoymas.blogspot.in/ gave me The Versatile Blogger Award a little before so sorry for being later Fher ;). I am very grateful for all the love and support my dear blogger or as I say writers shower now and then and I will always be indebted to them or I realy don't know how my journey would have been.

Sharing the award...

In the tradition of award, you have to pass it on 15 different bloggers and reveal 7 random things about myself and paste a picture on the post.

1) I love animals specially Dogs as I regard them very good friends.
2) I have a wild dream to own a dog of every breed someday.
3) I love children very much and often they are like stress buster to me.
4) Music is like a daily need to me as daily bread
5) I often write with music on though I may later get lost but all I want it to be ON.
6) A pure vegeterian
7) Natural surroundings are like a therapy to me.

Now the 15 good bloggers of my choice and I have tried my best not to repeat the awards...

1) http://www.cyrilkirian.blogspot.com/- A truly versatile blogger and a dear friend. Visit his blog to know more.
2) http://eatingliferaw.blogspot.in/- For insightful and indepth writing
3) www.mitostargazer.wordpress.com- For some beautiful writings
4) www.true-color-of-mind.blogspot.com- If you look for some intelligent writings here is the blog.
5) www.thesolitarywriter.com- The guy is truly versatile writiing, sketching n u name it.
6) www.anshsaransh.blogspot.com- For lovely poetry
7) http://alkagurha.blogspot.in/ - Come to her blog for sattire on burning issues n much more
8) http://jyotimi.blogspot.com/- Some really affirmative and brilliant writings
9) http://anshul-gautam.blogspot.com/- Deep poerty at very young age
10) http://gvsparx.blogspot.in/- For some heartfelt poetry
 12) http://emoverse.blogspot.in/- For spectacular photography n literature.

I have not completed 15 blogs because most of the bloggers around I know are already cherishing the award and I don't want to distribute the award just for the sake of doing it. So i will stop now...May be you guys can carry it much further better than me.

All of you writers are unique and special in your own way so cherish and enjoy your award folks.


Simran said...

Congrats Mani! :)
You are one of my fav. in the list! :)
So talented and innocent..

May you be bless with many more awards..
Love you! :)
You are an award to me <3

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Congratulations on your award! You have picked wonderful bloggers as recipients :)

Sumit Chakraborty said...

Thank you so much for the award :)
and as SIMRAN said,
You are an award to me too. :)

san said...

congratz mani...u well deserve it...n keep smiling..

GvSparx - Inspiring Lives said...

Eish, thanks for the tag ji :)
Versatile really sounds good :)

Alka Gurha said...

Thank you dear, keep writing.

Anonymous said...

thanks manisha :)
waking up to find you tagged in such a post is a good feeling, hehe :)

The Solitary Writer said...

congratulations thanks mani :) <3

Jyoti Mishra said...

Thank u so much Mani !!
u r such a sugar heart :)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Congrats Mani for the award :) You deserve many more awards :)

Mani said...

@Sumit n Simarn- Aww! You guys r such sweethearts...Love u peeps!


Mani said...

@All- Thanks guys....Lets keep d good work up!


Anonymous said...

thanx a lot di's
4 writng such nice lines
want more & more from u....

Tameka said...

Congrats on your award! Nice to know you are an animal lover and love music. Seems we have a few things in common. Cheers! :-)

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