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Festival of colors~
The aroma is diffused in heavens
Feel the zeal spread all around
Warmth in hearts melts down
The difference between YOU and I

Festival of integrity~
We admire the innocence in relations
With heart full of love and grace
Today all evils take a backseat
It is the carnival of sparkling faith

Festival of devotion~
When we wink at boundaries and regions
Love becomes the only religion
Limits recede and celebrations proceeds
Time to engage in naughty yet naïve recreation

Festival of novelty~
Composed in the swing of lovely things
Blend in different strokes of colors
Bring to light enduring uniqueness
The exquisite togetherness in relations

Festival of delight~
Halo of arms joined
We cease the diverse stages of life
Happiness and insanity does rounds
To kindle the little child slept deep inside

Festival of revival~
The tales of wisdom by times of yore
Time to throw some light on glorious shore
Cherish the treasure of learning from sages
Vital for life’s tough survival since ages!!!


@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia
When I Was Lost In Me...


Harshal Patel said...

Happy Holi.....

May god feel all bright colors in your life.....and make your life colorful on this holi....

janaki nagaraj said...

Happy Holi Mani...lovely poem.

Simran said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!
To this post! :)
So delightful and colorful emotions :)
Liked your color combo in text too :D

Happy Holi to you and your family!
Holi haiiiiii :)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Wow what a lovely dedication to our beautiful festival Holi...Have a delightful and colorful HOLI :)

sHoNa said...

Have a delightful and colorful Holi mani

Rimly said...

Happy Holi, Mani. This is just a beautiful way of describing Holi. You are so talented.


fantasy in practicality said...

Happy Holi Mani, you have played with colors all over the page. so wonderful:)

Mani said...

@All- Thanku so much and wish u a ll a v happy holi..:)


Anonymous said...

all the colors spreading, all the warmth, and most importantly this feeling of solidarity, focussing on good rather than the bad things....amazing :)

Mani said...

@Mohit- Thanku so much mohit...:)

Andy said...

Lovely poem for such a festive occasion. I've seen a few photos throughout the week & I love the colors.
Thanks for sharing.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

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