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Jana/ You and I~ Love Doesn't Need Words...

Jana/ You and I~
Love hovering
In our wet eyes
Gaps wedged tight
Secluded evenings
The wooden bench
Icon of our love
In the park
Beside our town
Your head
On my shoulders
Moments passing by
Ardour intensifies
Silence draped over
Tears rolled down
No longer
We could hide
Tale untold
Today unfolds
Cuddled you tight
Feelings poured down
From our eyes
Contentment was high
Love doesn’t need words
You only feel it inside
Jana/ You and I~ <3
@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia

PS- Jana in english means darling...


Sumit Chakraborty said...

Lovely post dear..
I'm Lovin' it :D

sulekkha said...

Love can be felt, unspoken, unseen.

Anonymous said...

lovely lines
simple gr8 manisha di
true lines abt love
i loved it so much
thanx a lot 4 writng this...

janaki nagaraj said...

Love needs no words...sometimes words are not enough..wonderful

Jyoti Mishra said...

Love doesn't need words... coz words r not enough to describe it... its beyond those fancy collection of letters :)

Lovely post Mani
Full of LOVE <3

Sea Green Natural said...

Lovely post! Words don't need to be spoken, when it comes to true love!

Jan said...

Just the look or touch is all you need. This is beautiful.

Andy David said...

My dear Mani,
You write with such beauty and tenderness. Every one is right...love need no words to be expressed or felt. Thank you for touching my heart with such beautiful words.

Mani said...

@All- Thanku so much dear ones...it ws v short and simple something from my end...Love u all <3

Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

LOVEly lines<3

RaJ BaRnWaL said...

Beautiful expression of sth in words,which does not need words for its expression....

Anonymous said...

amazingly expressed mani :)
keep writing,

Tameka said...

This was beautiful! I felt the intense depth of emotion. Nicely done Mani.

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