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Love is a feeling~

Don’t we sometimes wonder what LOVE is? Plethora of poets, writers, and sages across generations has written about it and they are still writing about it. I believe it is the most widely written “topic” across the globe. None of the writer’s writing has remained untouched by this no matter how vast they write, how different they write or as a matter of fact how much brilliance or sarcasm their writings carry. LOVE has often been the focal point. If not been in the form of love between a male and female then in some other form because I feel~” LOVE is a universal feeling and its spectrum is very broad”.  Love binds everyone and it is the essence of every relation.
Love has at times been the sole inspiration for writings.
How come this emotion alone carries the responsibility of writings of so many writers and poets? So much is written which is not only so beautiful yet it is always so different and at times I am left awestruck. So much is written before, so much is written now and I believe much more will be written in years to come and ages for sure.
So what is so great about this feeling? What is so extraordinary about the emotion? A miniscule attempt to define in my words...
As every coin has two sides so is this feeling and I believe that the other feeling I am talking about has also got similar intensity just like LOVE but since I have promised myself that till Valentine’s Day I will post only about love so I will write about the other feeling sometime later. This VALENTINE I will just spread LOVE...
Spread the MAGIC..
Feel the LOVE...

Love is a feeling~
Sages have been worshipping since ages

A magical divine wish~
With uncontrolled joyous bliss

Sweetest crime~
Ready to commit for lifetime

The first emotion~
Born with universe creation

Against all odds~
The only reason to behold

Depth of ocean~
With secrets unravelled and undefined

Love is the only key~
To unlock hidden mysteries

Intoxication diffused~
Deep within cherishing soul

Composure of heart ~
Which yearns to forever hold

Serenity of twinkling stars~
When they shine in full moonlight

Essence of celestial blessings and power~
Love is as graceful as divine!!!


@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia


JANU said...

Sigh! I am in love with love.

JIM said...

Fantastic piece well written and very touching. We all need to be loved to be needed and in return to love someone and need someone!!!
Have a great Valentine Day.


Leah Griffith said...

Written like a true poet. Love is so epic, so large, and so lovely, that our hunger for never seems to be quenched. More please;)

Rimly said...

Love, now that's one emotion that has no good definition. It is so much more that just expressing it in words. I really wish sometimes I knew what love is all about. Beautiful Mani.


Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

feeling the love....lolvely poem

Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

feeling the love...lovely poem

Mani said...

@Janu- Aaha thanks janu!


Mani said...

@Jim- Hey jim thanks for dropping by..n thanks for appreciation.


Mani said...

@Leah- Thanks soon more..;)

Mani said...

@Rimly- Thanks rim n wt shud i say u r right!


Mani said...

Elvira- Thanks so much!


Portia said...

loved your lovely words!

sulekkha said...

Romantics united <3 love your post.

Jan said...

beautiful words, I love the way you express yourself by painting the world with your love.

Mani said...

@Posh- Thanks posh!

Mani said...

@Sulekha- Thanks sulekha!

Mani said...

@Jan- ThanQ so much..:)

Harshal Patel said...

Love! Everyone can feel, Everyone do but still can't explain in words...Thats the real magic of love.....

I also wrote so much articles on love one of them :


"Happy Teddy Bear Day"

Mani said...

@Harshal- I will check soon harshal...love s vast words will b lwys less to express!



Love is in the air <3
So beautifully written.
Loved each and every sentence :)

Anonymous said...

beautifully written.
writers will never stop writing about love, and readers will never stop obsessing about love, coz it's the most primitive and purest of human emotion, something which is as indispensable a part of him as his DNA.
We are all creatures born to love :)

thanks for writing this mani :)

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