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Its award time again by my dear Friend Pallavi Vyas over her blog http://www.pallavivyas-complicatedheart.blogspot.in/ who has gifted me the "Liebster blog award". "Liebster" is a German word meaning dearest and the award is given to up and coming bloggers. I am very grateful to Pallavi (PALLO) for the award. That is what I lovingly call her..:) Do visit his blog to witness beauty of her writings.

To claim the award Here it goes-

- First you link back to the person who gave you the award.
- Second you pick five people that you feel deserve the award and notify them on on their blog.
- lastly, you post the award on your blog and Spread the love!

For all the special and wonderful bloggers out there, here are a few of my favourite blogs -
http://jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.in/ - Jim Brandano for absolutely brilliant photographyhttp://janukulkarni.blogspot.in/ - Janaki for her versatile n intelligent writingshttp://riggs-riggs.blogspot.in/- Rigzin for his offbeat brilliant writingshttp://fernandoymas.blogspot.in/ - Fher for his amazing artwork n thought provoking articleshttp://me-abookworm.blogspot.in/ - Portia for her poetry with different shades

You all are unique and wonderful in your way. Enjoy the award n stay blessed!




JANU said...

Mani...thank you so much. This is the second time you are honoring me with an award...love you. Glad to be on the same platform with you.

Mani said...

Hey janu even i m blessed..I sometimes feel u n me share similar vibes for writing...there is a lot of connection thru writings..u r gettin better n better day by day. V versatile..Keep it up!!


FherYmas said...

Super Thanks Mani!!! Oh wow the award is truly raining this season...
I feel so honored that in your list of 5...mine is included. Can't believe!!!
I'm smiling up to ears....

rigzin said...

..thanks fr honoring..Mani.. :)
..feel so special so b in ur list of five..
..and congrats fr being bestowed wid d liebster award..
..dis is just d beginning.. :)

Mani said...

@Fher- Fher I so much love ur art...I think a lot before I distribute awards....U were first in ma mind...Njy!!


Mani said...

Rigs- Yea rigs jst d start....ur spectacular play wid words makes u one f d most deserved candidate...


The Solitary Writer said...

oye congrats ree

Mani said...

Thanku :)

Andy said...

My dear Mani,
Congratulations on your award...it is rightly deserved! Congratulations too to the other nominees, most of whom I'm very familiar with.

There's nothing more encouraging for a writer than to be recognized & appreciated for his/her work. You inspire us all with your heart of love Mani. Wishing you much success always.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

Jan said...

Congratulations on your award. I know most of the blogs you have shared, they are worthy as well.

Mani said...

@Andy- Thanks andy, its indeed pleasure to be wid such intellectual n genuine people around.


Mani said...

@Jan- Thanks sweets:)

Kriti said...

Congratulations dear fellow blogger! A deserving award indeed this - it must feel great : )

Mani said...

@kriti- Thanks so much dear :)


Mani said...

Thanks dear kriti...:)

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