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Being a Girl~II

In my previous write-up I mentioned that yes a girl, a woman is the most beautiful and graceful creation on earth because as a girl I feel so and have regard of being a girl in my eyes before anyone has on earth. But as I come across the harsh reality of this cruel world I also realize that the most wonderful and beautiful creation comes with equal challenges and litmus tests which she has to go through each day and every moment in whatever she believes or performs. It is not easy being a girl any moment and any day. History is evident that she has been giving evidence at every step to prove the purity of her character and justification of her actions.

Be it a queen, a princess, or an ordinary woman from a normal family they all face the similar assessments, sufferings, and examinations at every stage of life. Though this society is completely incomplete without her but still this mean world has made a yardstick to measure her at every step and juncture. Being a girl myself I have experienced this now and then and I am sure all my female allies must also have gone through similar experiences now and then. I also believe many of my male allies would also agree on this because they are also associated with females in their life somewhere and else. Just because they know that she is the epitome of strength so they always use callous ways to suppress her strength and dignity.

I can challenge men can never be like a woman, they will not be able to handle the role of a woman just even for a day. My poem will say it all~

Is it an easy task to being a girl some day?
Just try to exchange the role for a day

To put up with those ogling eyes
To maintain your dignity all while

To place it on the roof top high
Clutch the integrity of your soul tight

If you have the guts to fight
Just being the girl your way

When you believe you are right
It’s a blend in your character

There is no other way
You are born this way

While you dare to follow your heart
Interrogations will hound you

On every step day and night
It’s not easy being a girl any day

Plethora of challenges
Paved in streets for her everyday!!!

To be continued...
@Copyright 2012-Manisha Bhatia


fantasy in practicality said...

right verses with the right attitude of womanhood.

looking forward to read the next, i embrace the raising soul:)

JANU said...

I love this...am sharing.

Monu Awalla said...

Since I'm not a woman, I don't know what women think about men... But one thing I know being a man is- Woman is incomplete without a man and Vice-versa...

Although u have correctly displayed d challenges she faces in d real world but still I simply don't find a point why all men r looked to b oglers wen I have seen woman doing the same many a times...

It is not a gender thing i guess, It is human behavior... whenever u like something, u keep looking at it... and since we all know the fact "woman is d most beautiful creation of god" I think it happens with them most of the times :D

One message from me to all women- "people behave the way u want them to behave"

Loved ur agression here though <3


Jan said...

Well said, a woman recognizing women's fate on this earth. I especially identify with this and the way you have said it. Beautiful Mani.

Jyoti Mishra said...

try to exchange role for a day....
just Awesome I can only say
each line is perfectly written !!

Goin straight on my fb wall :)

Kailash Sharma said...


Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

luvd it:)

Mani said...

@Sanchi- ThanQ baby...soon...:)

Mani said...

@Janu- :) Honored!


Mani said...

@Monu- :)

Mani said...

@Jan- ThanQ sweets...:)

Mani said...

@Jyoti- Thanku dear...:)

Mani said...

@Kailasha- :) ThanQ


Mani said...

Elvira- ThanQ sweets...:)


Sach! said...

Bang on! Absolutely loved it :)
I was nodding at the end of every line. Good job.

P.S. Loved your blog. I will read some more..

Andy said...

Hello Mani.
I am glad I was born a man because I can admire & respect the woman in you (smile).
Nicely penned, my dear.
Keep it up.

Kingship Of Love

Mani said...

Sach- Hey thanks for dropping by...indeed glad n honored...plz leave ur footprints fter reading more...It motivates d writer...:)


Mani said...

@Andy- Thanks dear andy!


Rimly said...

It has always been a challenge being a woman but I would never places. You captured the essence so beautifully


Mani said...

Rimly- Thanks rim same here wil neva excange places..:)


melissa said...

This is even more beautiful Mani :) i loved how you defined 'us'.


This is even more beautiful more than the previous one.. Loved it :)

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