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Radha Krishna is the epitome of love. They are institution of love. Though my Indian friends do not need any introduction to them as well as their glorious, exemplary, and extraordinary love story but for my all other readers, here is a brief. They are a Hindu deity of Indian origin and worshipped across the world.

Radha Krishna or as lovingly they are called Radhe Krishna meaning Radha Ke Krishna (Krishna belongs to Radha) and if you might be wondering why I am never writing Krishna Radha is because Lord Krishna has placed the importance and esteem of his love Radha so high that he told his devotees her name will always be taken before his name. Lord Krishna says if you worship me it may happen that I may forget to grant your wish and alleviate your pain but if you chant Radha’s name then without any further questioning and reasoning your wish is granted now and forever.

They were childhood lovers, with Radha as beautiful as moon and Krishna as the epitome of deep dusky façade as intense and sensuous as dark evening. Lord Krishna and Radha descended on earth from heaven to preach humankind important and esteemed lessons of life and the legend and example their love story has placed is just incomparable. Words will never be able to justify the narration of the sacrifices and depth of their love story.

Krishna told I am the “LOVE” which means love is equivalent to divine and this is the reason it is devoid of logical reasoning, definitions, and questioning. When it’s Love then it is just Love and nothing else.

The million years ago story tells that Radha was elder than Krishna, no one actually ever discusses and knows about their caste and creed, they even never got married or lived together but still they were bind and blend in Love. According to the mythological tales, Krishna was an irresistible charmer and was always surrounded by innumerable admirers and female lovers around but only one he ever loved was Radha.

Krishna loved her and admired her more than anything else in this world. They say that heavenly bliss lies in Krishna’s lotus feet and Krishna used to lovingly and gently press Radha’s feet whenever she was tired to give her ease and comfort. This gesture is so out of the world that mere words won’t be able to define and justify it’s beauty and grace.

Some incidents in his life defines that when he became the emperor he had 16,108 queens in his life but there was, is still and will always be only one Radha in his life and beyond. Despite that due to some reason and predefined acts in his life he had to marry 16, 108 girls but even today after millions of years only Radha’s name is taken with him and we do not even properly remember the name of his queens. They are worshipped, admired and prayed together. They are one SOUL just being called by different names. They are eternal and so is their LOVE.

A tribute on VALENTINE'S  DAY to my VALENTINE divine couple~

Your glorious love saga is as exemplary as for generations to follow
The halo of love is so magnificent even radiance of countless stars can’t match the aglow
The eminence is so elevated even in zillion years no one has been able to touch the zenith

Your are the pioneer and your are the LOVE
With your name it starts and with only your name it ends
Your eternal love chronicle is the essence of grace and poise in this universe

The purity and essence of love you painted sages wasted their life to discover
For you said LOVE is a feeling undefined and demands selfless devotion
A feel whose depth can never be unearth and grace on earth can never be traced

The significance of your beloved’s name you positioned across the universe
Radha’s names is mandatory before anyone takes your name
She cherished and worshipped only your love in her heart since birth

Your legend defines the chastity of rhythms your flute played
With each beat and every pace they only echoed Radha’s name
Aura of love was diffused all around whenever your togetherness sparkled

Love is not only to cherish it demands candor and lifetime surrender

Ages have crossed and million assessments your love faced
With each one the integrity of your love has moved only a step ahead

Your love is admiring and it deserves a token of reverence
The eternal bond in which you both blend I adore and glorify

Radhe-Krishna your LOVE has left a lasting impression on my soul forever!!!


On this valentine I wish that our life is sparkled and filled with love as profound and graceful as the love of Shri Radha Krishna!!!
Grant us blessings to get “LOST IN ETETNAL LOVE” <3

@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia 


Harshal Patel said...

A best couple on the earth oh! for today best Valentine couple on the earth so far.....Nice post mani why one can forget Krishna before any love moments or any festival of love.......

janaki nagaraj said...

Just awesome Mani. Truly eternal.

Irfanuddin said...

A meaningful post Manisha......

I wish there could be more n more couple following this love saga and lead a blissful life together with their loved ones....:)

Mani said...

@Harshal- Indeed d best couple. Thanks harshal..


Mani said...

@Janu- Thanku janu!


Mani said...

@IRfan- AMEN! Mani!

The Solitary Writer said...

graceful!. insightful and offcourse the poem was too good...nicely penned.

Ruchi Jhamb said...

Hats off 2 their love which is not possible in this era....n Hats off 2 u too Girl...u expressed their deep n immense love in such simple words...luv u a lot n thanks 4 remembering my words <3

Rimly said...

What a beautiful to Krishna and Radha and their eternal love. Beautiful Mani

Mani said...

@Stephen- Thanks stephen :)


Mani said...

@Ruchi- Thanks sweety..:)


Mani said...

@Rimly-Thanks rim:)


⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Divine Love of Radha Krishna...There's so much joy when I hear stories about them..:)
Thanks for sharing such a nice post :)

Mani said...

@Valli- Thanks hon mosrt welcome..:)


Andy said...

My sweet Mani,
Love is indeed eternal. When all life around us is withering and dying, love remains steadfast, never-ending. Valentine's is only for one day. My love is 24/7/365(6) and everyday is Valentine's for me (smile).
Lovely post & poetry.
Thanks a lot for sharing.

A Cheerful Glance


How sweet dear.. Nothing could be more complimenting to the time, the V week.. Radha Krishna.. one of the most beautiful couple ever formed..
Radhe-Krishna for ever <3

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