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Manisha Bhatia is the author of book, When My Father Cried, a romantic fiction novel released on 4th September by Story Mirror at Oxford Bookstore :)
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Soul was at unrest
Nothing curtail my loneliness
Plenty came into sight
None strike the chord right
To make me thy anytime
Restlessness just escalated
Mask of fakeness concealed
Their truthful side
They lack the conviction
To intensify the heartbeats
They lack the trait
To win my heart
Instill the passion
Spread love and ecstasy

I now long since prolong
Do I need to wait some more time?
For love to materialize
Sing those love chimes
Strong arms to bind me tight
Life will be like a rhythm                                                                                
Of waves flowing freely
Your gentle touch
Will make me shine
The two souls will merge in one
To bask in glory of love
Loose track of time
O boy!
I will be yours
N you will be mine!!!!

N I WILL BE LOST IN ME..........


JANU said...

Wonderful again.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

beautiful...u touched my heart....deep!!!

Mani said...

Thanks a lot janu!!!

Mani said...

Alpana thanks so much...m indeed glad it did touched ur heart...d writing ws worth it!!!

Simran said...

aha...so cute ''O boy, I will be rs and u'll be mine '' :)

nikhil..walking all alone said...

..love those last 2 last...but dude!!! i think so need sm1..who arms can bind u tight..

Mani said...

Niks...indeed now my guy should come... to bind me tght...;)

Mani said...

Simmi...thanks my love...:)

Andy said...

I like the progression of this poem from the waiting for the right one to come along to the completely lost in each other at the end.

Nicely done, Mani! Great image too.

Thanks for sharing & visiting.

The Last Kiss

Abhisek said...

Plenty came into sight
None strike the chord right...

Damn good composition.I personally love poems when they rhyme a bit and this one..I just love it. :)


Mani said...

Hi andy...glad and appreciated!

Mani said...

Hi abhi...
Thanks soo much...every creation has a bit f me ....congrates fr youth strings.


Portia Burton said...


Jyoti Mishra said...

I loved the intimacy u pulled together in those words...
Lovely read !!!

Tameka said...

Unrequited love expressed so with beauty and hope. Lovely!


Vyankatesh said...

Words of love!!

Mani said...

Posh ur first comment on my post! Thanks soo much!

Mani said...

Tam from those long miles u understand my emotion ssoooo well honey! <3

Mani said...

Jyoti thanks soo much..ur love is soo much appreciated. Each time u r here..u inspire me for more!

Mani said...

Dear Vyankatesh thanks soo much!

Short Poems said...

Very vivid poem!

Mani said...

Short Poems- Thanks soo much..visited ur page...it was great to get in touch with u. Wish to connect more in future!


Mani, the flow of words were just awesome. Learnt from you about how to pour down the real feel through words.
O boy!
I will be yours
N you will be mine!!!!

N I WILL BE LOST IN ME..........
I dont have words to praise the beauty of this poem.

Mani said...

Dear Anshul...

Thanks so much...ur comment touched my heart!
We all will learn from each other indeed.

God Bless U!


Dear Manisha,
I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your upcoming book, when i was lost in me. Congrats dear, I am very happy. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Confused? Don't be. Because i am gonna write you the same latter when you publish. I am really expect you to! DEVINE WRITING! LOVED IT!!!

Mani said...

Sumit with ur best wishes I pray how I pray it turns into reality some day!!

Dear thanks so much for the heart wishes.

Lost of love

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