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Blissful n Ironical Story of My Life: With Love Dedicated To God

Blissful Story of My Life

Today it was the ripe time
While HE decided to descend me on earth
Plunk me in your womb
He could not overcome the nostalgia
His heart cried because- “I was his child”
He crafted my structure with his own hands
He blended innocence in every morsel
He whispered love in my ears
He blended humanity in my character
He effused humbleness in my blood
He embedded fellowship in nerves
He granted a heart to feel
His angelic bit was in every bit of me
His beauty blended in with every stroke
His face radiated with my innocence
He couldn’t hide the ecstasy of my purity
He was a proud creator today
Contented with his beautiful creation
I was his alter ego
He was himself present as SOUL in me!

Ironical story of my life

Just in this mean world I opened my eyes
Pure and innocent was my sight
I cried since my eyes met the strangers
Searching and missing you alongside
I know God your decision I had to abide
They bound me with the chains of religion
They broke me in pieces with boundary and region
They manacle me in lifelong relations
They at snail’s pace rooted social requisites
They hollowed me with temporary eruditions
I lost my novelty abiding social reservations
My soul is at complete unrest
My soul has lost its orientation
My soul lives a double life and cries for freedom
It rummages around for lost purity and innocence
With their petite wisdom you had sanctify
 They often dare to question your brilliance
Deep inside I know this is not my authentic side
My soul searches and longs to blend in you
To forever be by your side
God! Come your child needs you beside!!!

LET ME BE LOST IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


sulekkha said...

Lovely post Manisha, God is always with his children and protects us from all evil. We are never alone, he cares...

Simran said...

Amazing post! :)
One of your best indeed!

Liked each and every line and thanks to God for sending such a beautiful angel on earth!

You're adorable mani <3

JANU said...

Beautiful. There is a bit of God in each of us.

Mani said...

Sulekha- Yes indeed ..u alwys inspire dear...its jst dat sometimes due to lack f wisdom i feel he has forgotten me n nt listening me. Sometimes i feel I have taken enough!

Mani said...

Simran- My love today soo much love u have bestowed. U have a special place in my heart coz u r nt even less than an angel.

Love u soo much:)

Mani said...

Janu- Thanks fr ur enduring support n love...:)

Andy said...

We are all God's children.
Unfortunately, due to sin, imperfection & temptation, we don't always do his will. God is omnipresent...he sees all, hears all & knows all. He knows who is pure of heart.

Insightful post from you, Mani.

Thanks for sharing & for taking the time to visit/comment. Much appreciated.

Have a great week ahead!

Woman As My Friend And Lover

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

Manisha,really your both poetries are philosophycal,realistic and fll of emotions and thoughts...and it's ispiring also to every soul of world.
Besht wishes.

Tameka said...

I can hear your soul crying out in this one. God hears and sees all. We are his always as long as we claim him as well. Lovely words of faith Manisha!


Alpana Jaiswal said...

You are an amazing writer Manisha....I have gone through a lot of challenges in life..and sometimes stop believing in God,but come to the conclusion finally that there is God.

Mani said...

Tam- Yes sweetheart...its jst dat sometimes he tests too much and takes too long n i think my wisdome s immensely petite to understand his games.

Mani said...

Hemant- Thanks soo much dear!

Mani said...

Alpana- Yes indeed alpana god gives ur surprises n he forgets human here r enough to give us that.

I many times felt so...bt challenges make us a better person bt still i believe he shud draw a line. Alpana my best wishes from heart are with u. Lots of love!!!


We come pure. Purity in our soul. Character we build is the outcome of reality around us. And the reality is not godly. We come into womb being one of the god's child. We become child of human when we are out of womb.
Loved this post. I love the way you write. :)

Mani said...

Anshul thanks soo much!! :)

Monu Awalla said...

purely divine vibes.. not only us, but u impressed god for sure with ur aesthetically scribbled words..

"Not all can write this I know,
But a heart with purity at show.."

felt felt felt... :) :)

Mani said...

Monu i hope god s impressed!

Jyoti Mishra said...

I loved the entire set up God being "He" and than the fantastic ironical history !!

Nice read !!

Ruchi Jhamb said...

speechless...superlike...He is really a g8 Creator who has sent u among us ( for such b'ful n fantastic poems) luv u manisha...thanks 4 being my frnd

Mani said...

Jyoti- Thanks soo much dear...matters a lot!!

Mani said...

Ruchi- Soo nice f u dear...love u!!

Crazy Jesus Freak said...

Wow, I love your writing. God has really given you a gift!

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