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The sketch of beautiful eyes is by dear friend "VALLI" a truly talented creative soul, though I have written this poem few days back and couldn't find any natural pic reflecting the core of my creation till I came across Valli's sketch~ So I again edited the poem with her sketch as it truly compliments the creation.
To have a look at her brilliant work do visit and join her page- *When my pencil speaks* on Facebook!

Those eyes

Captivated me whole night

Where passion of

innocent love resides

Abode of paradise

Lighten up my essence

Captured my senses

Sleep is now...

A far story from my eyes

Since they are dwelling

your reflection inside

I will conceal you

from the world

treasure you forever

to be awake all my life

Your love

like shining star 

twinkles in my heart

Not ME anymore

I am now...

Blended in your soul

Dissolved in your core

Since I have been

living in the depth of

Those eyes

They became the reflection of my life...

@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia

Lost in THOSE EEYS...


Simran said...

Mani dear..
this is so beautiful and cute :)

lines took my heart away~

''Sleep is now...
A far story from my eyes
Since they are dwelling
your reflection inside''

Love you...keep writing :-)

janaki nagaraj said...

Oh! I love those eyes..:-)

Dangerous Linda said...

Mani -- You are such a romantic! Blessings!! XO

Anonymous said...

so v lovely completely lost in innocent attempts eyes
while readng this
simple magic in ur eyes didi ji
force u to write such a beautiful lines
i m realy loved it........)

Alka Gurha said...

Beautiful verses....mushy indeed.

Andy David said...

Dear Mani,
The eyes...they sure do tell stories don't they? It's so easy to get lost in them too. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Your visits make me happy too. Have a great week ahead my sweet friend.

In The Womb Of Sorrow

Sea Green Natural said...

Completely beautiful!

Andy David said...

Dear Mani,
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sHoNa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sHoNa said...

beautiful & completely beautiful!



Anonymous said...

beautiful ..................
eyes always speaks yaar....
akho ma tari aja sa abhi si adaya hai.......

Jerly said...

eyes are definitely the most captivating. Awesome topic

melissa said...

Oh there's so much to see Mani and it's wonderful that they also reflect you :)

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