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I keep my words till end to assess the honesty at opposite end
My heart is very disappointed to see the trend
I am amazed at myself to expect the basic courtesy in return
I was let down to see how true colors of people flourished
They lack even the basic potential to show off and pretend

I practice reverence when I meet people from all walks of life
I am disappointed to see the changing spirits and vibes
Why they find it so hard to be themselves and gallant
I am amazed to see them fulfill mean expectations by phony talents
With no iota of doubt their trivial portico is two faced and hearts vacant

I practice silence when I meet imposters to assess my patience
I am disappointed to see the lack of basic humility and decorum
They try to pull you down from their mean attempts
Ironically they forget or essentially lack the vital edification
Law of nature says what you practice today always get back in return

I practice composure when I meet bigheaded to assess my humility 
I am astounded to see how they carry the heaviness of superiority on their sleeves
The layer of arrogance haze their judgment with false impression it will never cease      
They look out over the fact that time changes within the fraction of seconds
I am not madden on the contrary feel pity for their trivial actions

I practice humility when I come across jabbers and absurdity
I preserve calmness as they say brevity is the soul of wit
Wisdom does not allow me to pay attention on those who talk big
In long term swanks always learn their lessons and have their heads down
When you have faith he leads to destiny and rewards you very big

I try to distend in anomalous situations to assess my vigor and potency
I am amazed from where I gather strength to fight with full spirit
I practice to not come in terms till I stumble on my accomplishments
I am a maniac to risk very often despite I know things may never return
Holy "BIBLE" says- Never Caste Your Pearls Before Swine!!!

@Copyright 2011- Manisha Bhatia (When I Was Lost In Me)


Rahul Bhatia said...

Manisha, Pearls of profound wisdom! Brilliantly penned!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Well written Manisha...Congratulations on such an intelligent write up.

sulekkha said...

Mani, whoever has wronged you, will repent later. Be cool and smile. It infuriates the wrong-doers :)

JANU said...

People and their pretenses....wonderful expression.

PORTIA said...

'Men may say more, swear more;
But indeed they prove
Much in their vows,but little in their love.'
-Shakespeare (twelfth Night)
Shrug it off, dear Mani!

Mani said...

Rahul- Thanks soo much dear Rahul...ths support n love means a lot!!


Mani said...

Alpana- Thanks dear alpana...<3

Mani said...

Sulekha- Yes u r absolutely right....law of nature says it returns back....thanks dear!!


Mani said...

Janu- I pity people with petiness...thanks janu!! <3


Mani said...

Portia- Such beautiful lines..thanks honey!!


Simran said...

Wonderful Mani :)
So true... same as my thoughts.
You penned it so beautifully !

Love ya my super talented kudiye :D :*

Jan said...


Andy said...

Sadly, pretentiousness & bigotry exist in vast quantities in this world. You have a good heart & must rise above whoever has wronged you. It sounds silly, but the age old saying "what goes around comes around" is very true.
Nicely penned Mani!
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comments.

Your Reward Is My Sorrow

Mani said...

Simran- Thanku my lil wonder...<3 <3

Mani said...

Jan- <3 Jan thanks soo much!!

Mani said...

Andy- Thanks for those kind n inspiring words Andy!! They mean soo much...


sHoNa said...

brilliant post mani...:)

Mani said...

Shona thanks soo much honey...<3

Shreya said...

Hey Mani,
Lovely post, nice selection of words and beautifully penned. And I loved the title very much. :) ♥

Jerly said...

very true...never cast your words before swines because they will only trample it under their feet for they do not know what pearls are. Words are to be used with someone who can understand them otherwise it is wasted. wise of u to keep your silence and humility and dignity and let time teach the swines!!

Jyoti Mishra said...

wise is the person who can mould himself according to the situation and ambiance.

Like goin even for even and odd for odd.

Lovely read as ever !!!

Mani said...

Shreya- Thanks dear...:)

Mani said...

Jerly- Thanks dear...:)

Mani said...

Jyoti- Thanks dear...:)

Andy said...

Hello Mani.
Just stopping by to see if you have any new posts & I saw your newest award from S.K. Sumit. It's lovely. Congratulations my dear, you deserve it!

Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate your visits & heartfelt comments.

Mani said...

Andy- That was indeed a beautiful gesture from you...Yes my posts come slowly coz I take time to compile n have a hectic schedule...

Will post soon!


melissa said...

Hmmm... I think in our modern view, pearls could not only be the Words of God in the Bible but also things that we hold dear in our heart. It is right that we do not throw them to the swines who are out to pull us down. Give yourself to those whom you could trust.

Mani said...

Mely- True <3

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