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Life is like a guitar~
akin to diverse chords
emotions swathe  
my senses
ignite my instincts
fire on wings
slender fingers
take charge on strings
every chapter
akin to a song
soul sings
I feel every moment
life is on swing

Life is like a guitar~
Chords of accord
to pacify mayhem
Chords of strain
to allay pain
Chords of love
to drench in passion
Chords of amity
tribute to candid relations
Chords of life
as homage to divine
Chords of seasons
every day I live in

Life is like a guitar~
akin to every moment
each beat in sync
with every heartbeat
magnificently still distinct
unique compositions
legend in themselves
narrate the story
of their voyage
new inceptions
multiple turns
various ends

      Life is like a guitar~
events of life I cross
I sing while I move along
when everything seems fine
still nothing is fine
I smile but heart whines
my innocent attempts with strings
trying to break free
while still confined
deep mystery
intermingled with tunes
since ages undefined

Life is like a guitar~
emotions take lead
verses I weave
words become rhythm
one moment I dance
next I am still
makes me laugh
pearls roll in
suddenly I cry
every day we dance
on sundry tunes
till one day
We bid goodbye!!!


@Copyright 2012- Manisha Bhatia

play the tunes of life


Anonymous said...

v rockng
truly amazing
guitar is an instrument
which play music
music is part of every 1 life........
in this form v can say life is like a guitar/musical

JANU said...

This is beautiful...:-)

Simran said...

Never thought this way!
Beautiful creation mani dear! :)
Liked those ending lines and philosophy you added.

rohit said...


Vishesh Vishu said...

v rockng
truly amazing
guitar is an instrument
which play music
music is part of every 1 life........
in this form v can say life is like a guitar/musical

Andy David said...

My dear Mani,
Very creative indeed!! You have shown that life and love can be enjoyed through the simple strings of a guitar (smile). The melody of life can also be heard upon the strings of a loving heart. God job here my friend.

Vållῐ ★☆ said...

Very beautiful poem on guitar relating to life.....I loved the last stanza the most....Awesome creative poem!

CYNOSURE said...

beautifully composed Mani...especially the 1st and the last stanza... :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

This was beautifully penned, Mani:)

Mani said...

@All- Thanks soo much :)

Alka Gurha said...

Musical weave...lovely.

obat mata minus said...

postingan yang baguss,,

airtickets said...

beautiful poem

Leah Griffith said...

This poem is beautiful Mani. Do you play the guitar? Each stanza spoke so intimately about music and life...it made me want to play the guitar so I could feel that blessed release in you poem. Beautiful!

melissa said...

Loved the harmony this guitar plays along with your emotions. Every string, every movement ~ yes, they do strike something inside. And they do make great music.

Anu Gupta said...

Beautiful poem .. very well written :)

Mani said...

@All- Thanks very much.

Ankit Sharma said...

beautiful.... The poem had a rhyme to it!

Mani said...

HEllo ankit, thanks much :)

mahesh said...

LOVE it!!! Thanks so much Mani for sharing this!

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