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One more dawn and I am upright
Promise and hope I will feel alright
The anthology of grown up years in my mind
Hands full plethora of gadgets and lips engaged in futile conversations
As I move like a fast paced android to complete humdrum on time
I geared up engine to budge in the highest skyscraper of town
My favorite radio station today is playing “Summer of 69”

Ascending the escalator of highest edifice
I am here today once again to justify social requisite
Mocha in my hand brews high
I am addicted to relax my adrenaline for while
Fingers run on the keyboard back and forth
One more round of hollow meetings to attend
I pull myself together once again to defend

Glut of mindless assignments have piled
I am at my desk and then I close my eyes
I lay my back and took a deep sigh
Twirl in again to roll around
Lost in thoughts once again so profound
My mind ponders and heart interrogates
While they look for justification all around

Today the throb of heart just escalates
Restlessness in my veins accelerate
My heart does not justifies my action now
I don’t gel well anymore with these social mundane
Years of learning seems to be drain in vain
Seems everything today is shred down with rain
How much to take and how long to fake without any complain

I am vocal I have strength
By birth I am a pioneer to change the trends
I keep my words till end to assess the honesty at opposite end
It’s not easy to follow as I said around
At every stage imposters try to pull you down
The values doesn’t allow you to play mean games
Wisdom says that connote gratification doesn’t sustain!!!!


VJ said...

Very well written sweetheart...keep writing...i love to read u and your blogs...

Mani said...

VJ thanks a lot fr all the years of inspiration n motivation!! U have turned out to b d best n honest comrade!! Keep ur support intact!!! Be as u r ....peopl like u r now found less on earth...lots of love:)

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and feelings are put very nicely into worlds. Good usage and selection of words is adding to the rhtyme of the post.

Mani said...

Mohit thanks a lot!!!..:)

Rajeev Upadhyay said...

Nice. Now you have become a poet.........An MBA turns poet! contradictory. hahahaha......... But really very much interesting is this piece of poem of yours. I don't have too many words in vacobulary to describe things and emotions like these but i will say that the way you are writing one day we all will say that you are such a nice poet. keep it up

Rimly said...

I can so identify with this poem Manisha...really liked reading it

How much to take and how long to fake without any complain....


Alpana Jaiswal said...

God...Manisha,I get goose bumps when I read what u write...its real,true to the core.

Mani said...

Rajeev we all MBAs hv dis pain...i knw u lack words bt truly gel wth it....m extremely thankful fr ur motivation...plz keep it itact..love...:)

Mani said...

Rimly sweetheart...thx...its d feelings straigt frm heart....i go thru ths n i believe i have taken enough...bt as i cnt help...so dis way i help myself!!

Mani said...

Alpana..thx soo much...i knw u relate to it so well...though i don knw u much...love..:)

Abhisek said...

One of the most realistic and well written poem I read in a while.Every line is true to the core.

"It’s not easy to follow as I said around
At every stage imposters try to pull you down"

That line deserves a 5*.A nice read Manisha. :)

Anonymous said...

Am totally engrossed with ur lines dear .....very well-written, realistic one..... apt - wording makes it touching ......wonderful creation .....go ahead ....n make us read with ur marvelous pieces one after another ....God bless U ....sweetheart .... Swosti

Mani said...

Abhi thx a lot...I will just say.. " Its not easy to be urself n follow the social dust".

Thx soo much again...<3)

Mani said...

Swosti thx soo much sweetheart....now wid d high expectations m nervous...wish i cn keep pace wid d expectations f u guys...love u :)

Tameka said...

Mani, you have just put a voice to how many feel on a daily basis. There was much feeling here.


Mani said...

Tameka thx soo much...:)

Sneha said...

well written...loved it

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MoNi said...

Loved the last stanza....beautiful....too good baby...in love with ur poetic skills...<3 <3 :* ....almost any self esteemed man can easily relate to it..!!! :*

Mani said...

Lolz..thx moni....yes u n me v well...:D

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