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Yes, I remember it was last in July, a month before Independence Day when the shameful crime of Guwhati molestation took place in India, I don’t need to repeat the story for there are endless stories rather cases exposing gruesome death of humanity rather bare shamelessness laughing at our helplessness. Helplessness? O! yes in some way when I or we women feel to be safe rather than enjoying our freedom (equal freedom fought equally by women too in British era), at least I often prefer to be at home. Yes I do...just because I want to be safe...I everyday kill my freedom in various forms with my own hands & I know when I will become a mother one day...I will be more insecure & will be killing my daughter’s freedom & if I have a son I will make sure he grows up and becomes an example.

I decided to be on sabbatical from writing on blogs...but I never knew I will again return with the same topic deadlier than before one day. I am sorry I couldn’t help because from last 13 days it has captured my mind no matter whether I eat, sleep, write, work, it just doesn’t leave my mind...it just doesn’t...& today when she died...I was speechless, tears were shed, because today humanity bled to death.

Not a rape, not an assault, not a crime, not a death,
today humanity was tarnished & dead
I don’t know religion & the cycle of karmas
All I know since days my core is perturbed

The pain of her squeals
when her soul cried
Save me! mother, I wish to be alive
With amazing potency every moment
The bravo challenged death& gave a fight
Even God couldn’t witness her anguish
summoned her to heavenly abode
so that in the halo of his arms

she can peacefully rest...hope she rests...wish she rests...
& so the million others who left...just pray...all you can today...

I sat to write because no more with emotions I could fight...the anguish wasn’t over girl’s death...akin to her we have plenty whose souls are scarred & perturbed. My soul is of a woman and everyday I feel somewhere she is raped in some or other form...it disturbs. But with lot of dignity & pride like millions others everyday I too fight...I will fight...akin to their cowardness, bravery is my birthright.

You rape a woman everyday
when her clothes are shorter than your vision
when you ask, will you sleep with me?
for your next promotion
If she says yes, she is a slut
If no, Oh! what the fuck, you have next
when your dirty desires, scans her attires
when your filthy mind plays dirty games & you say
relax O! just healthy flirting my way
when your cheap tongue, abuses her femininity

when you rotten finger, points at her chastity
when she choose to make love, her equal right
you think sleeping with her is now your birthright
when you expoit her emotions for your cheap fulfilments
if she gets emotional she is a fool & if she doesn’t
you question her integrity& gracefulness
just because you are a man & she is a woman?
No...because your mind is rotten & weak your essence
Yes! you rape a woman...
you rape her everyday
with your cheap thinking & ways...

If my words make any sense, shake your mind, & somewhere you too question about your existence, then I plead you to just do something for her, minimum you can do is RESPECT her for woman is the reason of your existence. When you abuse her you abuse yourself. If you keep disrespecting her & her emotions her curses will haunt you even in hell.




melissa said...

I have hopes and doubts regarding the issue of respect for women and their rights.

It takes more than words to move people...it entails purification of thoughts and desires. I pray for real conversion.

I remember how it has become a grand issue way back in July... and I was also reminded of an argument of modernization and wearing veils among the Muslim women...

It all boils down on how men treat women in general and how men are taught to think and act.

Today, more than ever, I pray not only for your country but for all the women in the world. We look not only on how we should be treated but on how ALL PEOPLE should be treated in general.

I have deep faith and hope...

Mani said...

I have faith in your faith Mely. You should come and see in Delhi...women on wheelchair, old women, young women, children...men...they all were there...the beauty when we all stood up to fight was exemplary or it would have been a bygone case...change has start & I know the journey is long...but we will move ahead...


Vishesh Vishu said...

indeed v good MANI DI
as v expect this kind of v good from u always...:)
hatts of 2 u & I salute u on wriiting on this issue...:)
as a girl point of u ur fear is rite day by day u r lifing in her,v ol can understand
as u wrote earlier"yes i live in fear"
in that di u told me that VISHU one day society will change when give vl be around good men...:)
but MANI DI when that day will come...??
I Have few questions in mind plz as a writer ans them if u can ??
it is just d exictment of sex at that particual moment that thier mind not able 2 think that they r doing wrong thier mind not able to justifie whats gud or whats bad ?
they not able to make d difference b/w sex & rape??
is this the reason??
in india when a female will become the PM,on that day??
y this type of crime happen more in delhi & NCR only,why ??
bec of cheap mindset of men?
they even canot thing that with whom they r doing this she is anyone sister they r also have siter if any one do same with thier sister how they will feel then ??
as a girl MANI DI U R GIRL & sister of ur many brother
what u have to say on my this question??
or is this the reason
its india yaar MANI DI
3rd class PM he canot do anything on its own Sonia Gandhi is his right hand.....
i feel some time is she PM of our country......
our politics is totally corrupt
I feel this....
3rd class congress party
& shela dixit makng our country capital city delhi worst city of ur country & unsafe 2 live spec 4 young gals & women's......
this d bitter truth,but have to accept it...
ur views on this MANI DI

all this I want 2 say on this.....:)
I M sure u will ans all my questions v well bec u r a girl,so u can ans better

(one of ur regular reader ,who love ur work who think that u r doing v good job,u must carry on this,his love & support will always with u)


sHoNa said...

Touch her Heart Not her Body.Steal Her attention not her Virginity.Make her smile,not cry.

Punishment for Rape:
1) UAE- Instant Death Penalty within 7 days hanging
2) Iran- Instant Stoned to death/hanging with 24 hrs
3) Afghanistan - Instant death by bullet on head within 4 days
4) China - No Trial, Medical proved rape then Death Penalty
5) Malaysia - Death Penalty
6) Mangolia - Death as revenge by family
7) Iraq - Death by stone till last breath
8)Taliban - Limbs/ Legs/ Balls All Cut Off,&then stoned&then shot
9) Poland - Death thrown to Pigs
10) INDIA -..........................................!
4 times gov food daily & 24*7 police security
for 7-14 years..!!! funny but fact :/

Rapists spoil the life of the victim...!!! They should also b made to experience the same pain...!! In India such punishments are extremely necessary..bcoz only then there will b a terror in the minds of such rascals..!! Hanging them will b a instant death for them..painless one..! Humanity is shown towards humans...nt towards such demons..!

Manjulika pramod said...

It brought back the ugly memories of a young girl tortured and later succumbed to death.
However, you write very true when you say that woman is being raped each day..in different forms... it saddens me and most of all makes me feel helpless... though we realize it every now and then but cant do much to help others or ourselves...

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